how do you deal with your anxiety when you're by yourself

Acute Anxiety

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  • OtterRose


    This is such a hard question and really can only be answered in a case by case scenario. What is helpful is to create a safe space in your room or home to go to when experiencing anxiety at home. Out an about I always carry a fidget of some kind that I use to calm my anxiety. Building a set of tools is really great. Some mind tricks I use to ground myself include checking in on all my senses. This can be done in any environment that you are experiencing anxiety in. Take a step away from everything and just give yourself a moment to identify 5 different things you can see, 5 different things you can hear, 5 different things you can smell etc. If you can’t find 5 things just move onto the next sense. This can help ground you in the present! Another thing that helps me is looking around my environment and identifying all the objects that are red, all the objects that are orange, all the objects that are yellow etc etc.

  • Travesti


    Listen to music, music can help get to part in your minds where words can’t ever and memories, happy happy memories

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