I finally had my first eye injection for retinopathy. Next month they will also do the other eye. All of this is part of a study. I was told it might take three mo this before I could expect a difference. Since it is part of a study I don’t know what I’m getting but they told me it was one of two drugs they normally use. Crossing my fingers that it helps. When they said i have severe retinopathy they weren’t kidding. I’ve still got some distance but reading is difficult. My iPad is back lit enough that it helps but my computer is pretty touch to see.

Diabetic Retinopathy

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  • CRobb


    Eye injections really do help, after 2 or 3 shots your vision stabilizes it's amazing. If you have eye floaters, the floaters go away. I needed 6 in each eye one year, every 2 weeks. Use eye drop vials every 10-20 mins after a shot, it really helps, go straight home and go to sleep, the numbing agent and dialating drops wears off by then

    • UpendedLife


      thanks for sharing this. I don’t have insurance so the study is paying for treatment. They are comparing two drugs they normally use.

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