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I have a few things going on, both currently and from my past. I have honestly been through it all from counseling, therapy, medication, therapy again. Though those methods worked for a time, I just still feel lost. And worse yet my anger issues have progressively been getting worse and with my increase in responsibilities I'm really trying everything to practice different management skills but there is only so far I can go. I'm wondering based on anyone's experience how people tend to deal with anger outbreaks that seem uncontrollable in making those situations more controlled? Is there any methods that work? thanks for reading in advance

    • Rosemaryjane


      As to supplements, I recommend Lions maine extract as it is a potent adaptogenic , nootropic, and neuro regenerative. Its been helping me a lot Practices: Breathing exercises such as wim hof guided meditation. Very good to start your mornings and boost oxygen levels. And if you have the time, I recommend this book: Reinvent yourself by Mario Alonso Puig (original in spanish). It helped me a lot and it resonated with my feelings and anger issues. For me, anger makes me explode, beat objects up, yell, and punch myself. But ive been learning to control it better although it does take a lot of will. Its partly about understanding that we are always in control and we need to detach from that ego that has made us believe thats how we are and our response to anger cant be changed. I know its hard to keep a good mood sometimes, try surrounding yourself with joyful people/activities and dont be too hard on yourself bc we also need to learn to be comfortable and happy in our mindss I hope your life gets better, you can do this and you will soon be over all these issues 🌼

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