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I honestly just have a question. I would ask reddit, but nobody ever answers my questions about mental illness when I ask them there. I don't have bipolar disorder, but I like learning about it. I'll just make a sequence. Let's say someone has an anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. So they're manic, then eventually their anxiety puts them in a mixed state and they become paranoid. Is that a thing that could happen? It sounds possible to me, but I'm not exactly sure how the mood changes work if you know what I mean. Like whether they can switch that fast or if they're all like seperate individual episodes?

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    • _Robbie_


      @klazikel Tyy!

    • Calypso_


      Sometimes one anxious thing turned into an entire paranoid manic episode. Intense delusions switching rapid between elated and angry and sad. I would say sometimes my anxiety would be a result of my episode too.

    • klazikel


      Everyone's bipolar is specifically tailored to them. I believe there are infinite possibilities as far as how episode's play out. I myself can say I've been in exactly the position you mentioned with the accepting being that I wad hypomanic. If the episode can be thought up, it can happen. I've been part of a bipolar group for almost 20 yrs now and have heard of many types of episodes. Bipolar is highly personal and specific to each person but there is alot of overlap. If you'd like to talk about bipolar more, just message me.

    • michelledevyn


      So i have anxiety, panic disorder, and bipolar2. I've had a hypomanic episode that was void of anxiety and I've had a mixed episode that floored me. Manic episodes vary greatly. It's possible that anxiety can dampen a manic episode but im not sure it would evolve to a mixed episode.

    • rnxyn


      i’m not too sure myself, but i’m pretty sure it can. when you say “mixed state” it reminds me of hypomania?

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