I was just diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and am starting lamictal (idk if I spelled that right). I was wondering if anyone had any advice in general. I’ve been dealing with mental health issues most of my life (severely since I was 15), but this is a totally new diagnosis for me and might explain why I never responded super well to anti-depressants. Kind of hopeful, but kind of scared too.


Bipolar 2 disorder



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  • Konki


    Lamictal didn’t help me but when I added in seroquel my life got so much better. I was able to actually concentrate during the day

  • smkeaton


    The best thing I did was the genesight test that tells you what medications work best for your body. Antidepressants sent me into rapid cycling. But Lamictal has decreased my depressive episodes so far and made it easier to manage on those days. But from the genesight test, my psychiatrist and I learned that my body metabolizes drugs faster so I have to be on a higher dose. Currently on 175mg, going up to 200mg. She also added Vraylar to help the Lamictal work better but I didn’t like it. So that’s my journey with it so far.

  • Seebass


    It helped but I slept most of the time. Not on anything at the moment.

  • Rosemarie03


    The way my prescriber explained bipolar 2 treatment today was basically that anti-depressants help people not want to end their lives, and the mood stabilizers help to level out the high highs (hypomania) and super low lows (deep depression). I'm on fluoxetine and lamatrogine and the two combined has done wonders. I had been on just the fluoxetine for years and when not taking it I was suicidal. Taking it I wasn't where I wanted to be though and I got my diagnosis. Couple months later on the combination and I've been doing so much better. Hope this helped a bit💕

  • Officialishness


    Lamictal was a huge game changer for me. I had tried antidepressants, antipsychotics, sedatives/benzos, etc and nothing really helped. Lamictal works typically extremely well in bipolar and I’m glad I did it. At 200mg (at 98lbs, 5”3) and it’s been a huge help - I also added trazadone and an emergency medication (Xanax) for extreme episodes. Took my 5 years to find it but I’ve been on it now around 7 years and love it!

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