Hello! I'm new here!, I'm 31 years old, experiencing my plantar fasciitis in my heel. Whenever it acts up is random moments. Im doing even what physical therapy is telling me to do! Now, this physical therapist was talking about a possible night boot to wear to keep the foot in position all night to help the plantar fasciitis, is this true?
If so what do you do for your pain?

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    Night splints are great but I wouldn’t wear it all night. I have had plantar for years now unfortunately and the night splint i wear in the evenings anywhere from 1-2 hours (between both my feet). What it does is stretches out the muscle and forces it to stay stretched for the duration of wearing it. I’ve learned thru PT that the long term stretch holds Can help strengthen and loosen the plantar and thus reduce this pain. It’s not a cure but helps me daily as my pain is the worst at night.

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