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Has anyone tried ketamine for migraines or depression? My neurologist wants me to try it to treat the pain of my headaches and to help my depression at the same time. I was on board, but started researching on Google and saw side affects. I'm afraid to have convulsions since I had them on Xanax. I also have a history of non epileptic seizures. I'm not epileptic. I'm also afraid of the possible hallucinations and such. The more I read it, the more it seemed yes I will probably be in less physical pain, but my mental state will be questionable. How have your experiences been for migraines and depression treatment?

    • tubrub


      Hi there! I just started ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety, and would frequently get bad migraines, and I have to say ketamine has done wonders. I had a bit of a history with bad hallucinations caused by depression, and ketamine has taken them away, and improved my mood a bit (i just started it, and ketamine therapy is so much more than just improving mood it’s really about learning who you and and what will make you happiest). I can’t say I get the migraines I used to get anymore but it wasn’t super serious in the first case. I know you posted this awhile ago, and I hope things have been getting better since then. If you haven’t started ketamine therapy yet and are willing to spend the money (it depends on where you are, but for me in nyc it was about 5k for six sessions) i totally recommend it!

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