you know that feeling when for just a few minutes nothing hurts, you don't feel depressed or anxious about anything and your just happy for a few minutes? I really like that feeling and wish it happened more often.

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  • FicklePanther


    Same here. I'm mostly anxious all the time. ECT helped my depression. I would love some time to feel ok and relaxed.

  • VdAra


    Same. I know those moments lasted longer when I was younger, but now that's all I seem to do is wait for those moments...

    • Tomster


      same, never had this much pain when I was younger

  • ina


    you can't be regretting anything if you aren't in the past and you can't be dreading anything if you're not in the future. i like to stay in the present and notice all the nice things around me

  • SarTee


    Those moments are the best. Then I realize I'm not anxious and wonder why, then there goes that 🤦‍♀️

  • Dad.of.Many


    It's been a long while since that happened to me. So much craziness and situational stuff going on around me these days. But when that moment comes, whether it be a minute, an hour, or a day, I cherish every second!

  • Biosynthesis


    I had a brief moment today during my Spravato treatment

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