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I’m just saying hello. I have a lot going on & am familiar with a lot of info in a lot of areas, but am more lacking in others. The biggest issues I am dealing with right now are some bad kidney bloodwork- which I am guessing is stones- hormone imbalance, being new to menopause and having a lot of issues and chronic daily migraine headaches- which I feel are related to the hormones. If you want to look at my list- I’m happy to help with what I do know - or feel free to offer me some advice on what has been most helpful to you. I’m still waiting to get an appointment on my kidneys because my own doctor has been out of the office months and I’ve stalled waiting on him, Covid and because I didn’t know why I was feeling so bad, until this blood work was added elsewhere- maybe by mistake? I’ve been getting some bad kidney test results since last September. Time to go. I went to someone about hormones and menopause today- so have some big changes coming up there. I will try not to be slow in answering, but I don’t know if I will get any migraine aggravation or kidney stone aggravation with the hormone change attempts. I’m so nauseated! Good luck everyone! Let me know where I can help, what you would like to know about me and what you would like to share about you! Here’s to better health!!

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    • Preschool_Teacher


      @Prowler hope you are feeling better. Covid is no joke

    • Prowler


      I’ve been trying to write posts & keep doing it wrong. Many thanks to everyone who has shared advice, or a friendly word. I have many replies I would like to make & help I hope to give to others. Both my husband & I have had Covid & I haven’t been online. We were vaccinated and I’m sure that kept things from getting as bad as they could have. I wrote more previously and in a lighter tone a few times, but I guess I kept doing them wrong and they were never added to my posts. Thank-you all, talk more soon. Stay safe, happy & happy as best possible

      • Preschool_Teacher


        @Prowler hope you are feeling better. Covid is no joke

    • DaniBear


      as someone who has dealt with kidney disease i recommend please avoid the cranberry juice that others are saying. if you have kidney issues you could also have potassium issues depending on what stage you’re at. cranberry juice will not help anything with kidneys. i recommend for now try to eat low sodium, drink lots of water, avoid nsaids, and try and eat as fresh as possible, nothing processed.

    • Unkie


      Oh my heavens, your really battling. Menopause is a battle all on its own. I use estrovin you can buy it at any drug store or Walmart, increase healthy activities, even changing your diet helps, HRT, is a short term fix, it helps some but not many. Woman's support group helps, I have took up journaling it helps with the mental part of menopause. Oh and give yourself dates . Just you few hours one day a week so you can decompress and let it out. With your kidneys I recommend water, cranberry juices, but if you do the juices watch out for high fructose and sugars. And ingredient ending in ose is a form of hidden sugars. That's not good . Kidney stone suck , I would rather give birth, but if you want to chat or question more feel free

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