what side affects did you experience while trying out different forms of ADHD medication

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Naina


    Sleepiness, easily agitated, and it affected my blood sugars with some of them. Not saying you should or shouldnt be on medication for it, but i do so much better when i am on the right one

  • Bridgette


    Yah of course u want to be on the right one. Who likes all those side affects. We have ADHD so why add to more issues.

  • hotgirlstomachissues


    concerta gave me horrible anxiety and cotempla gave me horrible stomach issues but adderall has been wonderful so far

  • NatalieJane


    I lost so much weight people thought i starved myself, i was extremely anger and i felt numb to the world. Im now off any meds :)

  • JaeAr


    Agression and suicidal ideation on Adhansia. High energy and weight loss on Concerta- great but doesn't last all day. Insomnia on Daytrana.

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