I've basically maxed out on Topamax to help prevent migraines and they aren't helping anymore. my doctor just suggested injections. has anyone done the beta blocker injection or botox injection? I'm curious about both but unsure about them



Migraine with aura

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  • SmartSysta


    I am at that point as well, but honestly I’m terrified of getting Botox shots so I think I’m going to stick it out for as long as I can. The new triptan I was jus prescribed is helping as well.

    • BlueLily


      I've got ubrelvy for when I've got the migraines. But im getting them more often. My doctor says she's had a lot of success with the botox shots. I'm just a bit scared too...

    • Beth2022


      unless you are afraid of needles, don't let botox scare you. It has made a world of difference for me

  • Beth2022


    I take an emgality shot once a month, botox every 3 months, and they switched my antidepressant to one that is supposed to help prevent migraines. I've tried so many of the medicines for when you get a migraine. It really is trial and error until you find something that helps you

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