Posts on Alike for February 2022

  1. Is my antidepressant still working?
  2. Managing Dissociative Identity Disorder: Tips and Tricks
  3. Looking for Similar Experiences with Undiagnosed Health Issues
  4. Advice for managing stress in a relationship with Dependent Personality Disorder
  5. Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder: Any Tips?
  6. Can Your Mattress Affect Your Chronic Pain?
  7. MS and Winter Storms: Does Anyone Else Experience Severe Muscle Pain?
  8. Frequent Low-Grade Fevers and Medication
  9. Finding Support for Gastroparesis
  10. Struggling with Fatigue on Levothyroxine
  11. Coping with Bipolar Swings: Tips and Tricks
  12. Dealing with Derealization Symptoms: Tips and Advice
  13. Addicted to Daytime Sleep: Anyone Else?
  14. Looking for Friends Who Understand Chronic Illness
  15. Surviving a Ruptured Brain Aneurysm: Any Success Stories?
  16. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Need Advice
  17. Just diagnosed with ADHD, what now?
  18. Looking for PCOS management tips
  19. Medication Interaction with Birth Control for PCOS
  20. Natural remedies for headaches?
  21. Tips for Getting Diagnosed: What to Look Out For
  22. Relieving Joint Pain Without Medication: A Lazy Person's Guide
  23. Severe Abdominal Pain After Eating Certain Foods
  24. Can I Exercise with Compression Stockings?
  25. Passing Out While Sleeping - Need Help!
  26. Dealing with Rib Dislocations: Any Tips?
  27. Using Humor to Cope with OCD: Good or Bad?
  28. Celebrating Small Victories in the Fight Against Depression
  29. Dealing with High Medical Costs of UC
  30. How do you cope when you're at your breaking point?
  31. Struggling with ADHD and Medication
  32. Managing RLS Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  33. Considering a Gastric Pacemaker - Any Advice?
  34. Struggling to Find a New Therapist After Being Dumped by My Old One
  35. My Jaw Has Been Locked for 6 Months - Any Advice?
  36. Sudden Progression of Tics: Is it Normal?
  37. Seeking Connection with Those Who Have Tried Ketamine or TMS
  38. Struggling with Overwhelming Tasks
  39. Understanding Hashimoto's Disease
  40. Why do I always feel miserable on my birthday?
  41. Struggling with Weightloss and c-PTSD
  42. Looking for Knowledgeable EDS Doctors
  43. Dealing with Lower Back Pain
  44. Feeling Lost: Trying to Identify My Mental Health Issues
  45. Phone Calls and Bus Rides: Anxiety Triggers?
  46. Has Anyone Experienced Chronic Leg Pain?
  47. What's Your Happy Place? Share with Us!
  48. Dealing with Gastroparesis: Seeking Support
  49. Chest Pain and Shortness of Breath: Is it a Medical Emergency?
  50. Need advice on managing my health conditions
  51. Increasing Lexapro Dose: Worried About Side Effects
  52. Looking for Coping Skills for Meltdowns
  53. Young and Diagnosed with Pancreatitis: Seeking Specialist Advice
  54. How long does it take for antidepressants to work?
  55. PTSD and Severe Memory Loss: Anyone Else?
  56. Constant Upper Abdominal Pain - Need Advice
  57. Need Advice on Laparoscopy for Chronic Pelvic Pain
  58. Managing Gastroparesis and Esophageal Dysmotility: Seeking Advice
  59. Looking to Connect with Others with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  60. Improving Communication with Less Developed Alters in a Polyfragmented System
  61. Could I Have Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  62. Controlling Blood Sugar: Tips and Tricks
  63. Struggling with dissociation, any tips?
  64. Looking for a Gastrointestinal Doctor Who Listens
  65. Managing Medication Side Effects and Nerve Problems
  66. Dealing with Interstitial Cystitis Flares
  67. Need help finding a specialist for PCOS treatment
  68. Struggling with Health: Looking for Support
  69. Managing Anxiety: How to Deal with Overwhelming Emotions
  70. Dealing with Sjorgens and RA Symptoms
  71. Seeking advice on new medication
  72. Considering Psychedelic Therapy for PTSD: Need Advice
  73. Understanding Hypothyroidism: Seeking Answers
  74. Struggling with Overactive Bladder and Interstitial Cystitis
  75. Need Motivation to Lose Weight and Handle Anxiety
  76. Unconventional Treatments: Share Your Experience
  77. Can You Have Trauma Without PTSD?
  78. Diet tips for managing hEDS symptoms
  79. Struggling to get pregnant while weaning off Adderall
  80. How Chronic Illness Affects Relationships
  81. Caring for a Spouse with a Disability: Balancing Health and Love
  82. Managing Mental Health: Beyond Medication
  83. ADHD and Smoking: How Does It Affect You?
  84. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips for Slowing Down the Spread
  85. Dealing with Frequent Vomiting and GI Clinic Appointments
  86. Unexplained Shaking: What Could Be Causing It?
  87. Struggling with IBS, need advice on managing symptoms
  88. Best GERD Treatment Options: Seeking Advice
  89. Dealing with Multiple Chronic Conditions
  90. What has helped you feel better?
  91. Has anyone had Sinus Surgery?
  92. Intermittent Head Zapping for Years - Seeking Answers
  93. Natural Vitamins and Supplements for Joint Pain Relief
  94. Scared to Remove My GJ Feeding Tube
  95. Dealing with Nerve Pain After a Stroke
  96. Dealing with Morning Vomiting: Is it GERD?
  97. Looking for others with Addisons Disease
  98. Chronic Heartburn: Seeking Advice
  99. Living with Chronic Pain: When Discomfort Becomes Normal
  100. Managing Stress and Anxiety at Work
  101. Introducing Myself: A Taylor Swift Fan with Narcolepsy
  102. Frustrated with Medical Staff's Questions
  103. Mental Health Check-In During a World Crisis
  104. Chronic Illness: Seeking Advice
  105. Tips for ovulation with PCOS
  106. Missing My Old Medication: Need Advice
  107. Painful bumps under skin with fibromyalgia?
  108. Dealing with Social Anxiety: How to Reach Out to More People
  109. Need coping advice for my anxiety
  110. Dealing with Panic Attacks at Night
  111. Afib events at night
  112. Advocating for My Health: Struggles with Doctors
  113. Homeopathic remedies for PTSD symptoms
  114. How long does it take for prednisone to work?
  115. Struggling to Express Myself After a Brain Injury
  116. Coping with Triggers: Tips and Strategies
  117. Struggling with Obsessive Attachment to Teachers and Mentors
  118. Considering Raynaud's Medication - Need Advice
  119. Should I Seek Therapy? Exploring the Benefits of Counseling
  120. Is ADHD Medication Right for Me?
  121. Weakness in Legs When Standing for More Than 15 Minutes
  122. Communicating with Doctors: How to Make Them Understand Your Feelings
  123. Struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  124. Navigating Life with Bipolar 2 and Adult ADHD
  125. Graves Disease and Hypothyroidism: How to Tell if You Have Both?
  126. AVN Diagnosis at 34: Seeking Advice on Surgical Correction
  127. Need advice on COVID vaccine with auto immune diseases
  128. Flexible Online College Options for Health Concerns
  129. Dealing with Chronic Pain: When Meds Don't Work
  130. Confused Thoughts with Schizoaffective Disorder
  131. Tips for adjusting to a gluten-free diet
  132. Seeking Advice on Therapy for Dissociation
  133. Late EDS Diagnosis: When Were You Diagnosed?
  134. NG Tube: How Long is Too Long?
  135. Looking for advice on managing my condition
  136. IBS and Hormonal Imbalances: Any Connection?
  137. Dry Skin and Chapped Lips with Hypothyroidism
  138. 33YO Female with Cushing's Disease Seeking Support
  139. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health?
  140. Managing Fibromyalgia: Coping with Daily Tasks and Work
  141. New to the App and Diagnosed with POTS: Seeking Advice
  142. Trying Trulance for IBS-C: What's Your Experience?
  143. Struggling with Stomach Issues due to CREST Syndrome
  144. Experiencing Tactile Numbness - Seeking Similar Experiences
  145. Dealing with FND and Motor Tics
  146. IBD and Gallbladder: Seeking Advice
  147. Looking for Lyme Treatment Advice
  148. Tips for Surviving Prednisone Withdrawal Symptoms
  149. Living with Chronic Migraine: Seeking Advice and Support
  150. What Are the Signs of Recovery and Needing Assistance?
  151. Hair Loss and Type 1 Diabetes: Will it Grow Back?
  152. Humor and Illness: Is it Appropriate?
  153. Tips for Socializing with Chronic Pain
  154. Dealing with Adrenal Insufficiency - Looking for Support
  155. Struggling with PCOS and Fertility: Need Advice
  156. Career paths for people with BPD
  157. Has anyone tried a TENS device like Ovira?
  158. Coping with Exercise-Induced Pain and Fatigue
  159. Service Dogs for POTS Treatment: Any Experience?
  160. Am I Faking My Anxiety?
  161. Transitioning to Safer Medication Use
  162. Considering Weight Loss Surgery Before My Wedding
  163. Improving Mood Control: Tips and Tricks
  164. Switching from Concerta to Adderall for ADHD
  165. Feeling Tired and Achy: Anyone Else?
  166. Fighting Depression: How to Combat Numbness?
  167. Long-term Use of Anti-Anxiety Medication
  168. Is Weed Making Me Depressed?
  169. Esketamine for Depression: Has Anyone Tried It?
  170. Just diagnosed with MCAS, but is this normal?
  171. Tips for Coping with Hypermobility Diagnosis and Physical Therapy
  172. Terrified of ADHD Diagnosis Results
  173. Random Intense Nausea with IBS-C
  174. Struggling with Creative Block and Instant Gratification
  175. Struggling with Self-Diagnosing ASD
  176. How to Boost Your Energy and Motivation?
  177. Dealing with Mental Health Issues: My Journey So Far
  178. Tips for finding an ADHD evaluation
  179. Struggling with Mental Health: My Story
  180. Struggling to Find Care for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  181. Managing ADHD without medication: seeking advice
  182. COVID-19 Delayed My Surgery and My Pain is Getting Worse
  183. Tips for a Better Night's Sleep
  184. Dealing with Bipolar Disorder: Seeking Advice
  185. Infusions for symptom relief: Has anyone tried them?
  186. Struggling with Vyvanse Abuse and Chronic Fatigue
  187. Managing ADHD during school and work
  188. ADHD Tics: Is It Normal?
  189. Seeking Advice for Undiagnosed Mental Health Issues
  190. Struggling with Functional Neurological Disorder
  191. Managing Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  192. Newly diagnosed with BPD, seeking coping mechanisms and connection
  193. Anxiety Medication Without Libido Side Effects?
  194. Living with Depression and Epilepsy: Seeking Support
  195. Dealing with Fear of Abandonment: Tips and Tricks
  196. Spine Surgeon's Journey to Recovery from Chronic Pain
  197. Wellbutrin Side Effects - Seeking Advice
  198. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  199. Tips for Managing Cognitive Symptoms of Lyme's Disease as a College Student
  200. Sleep Deprived and Flairing Up: Anyone Else Have a Service Dog?
  201. What medications have helped you the most?
  202. Frequent Jaw Dislocation and Locking Up
  203. Using Marijuana to Calm My Mind
  204. Dealing with P-OCD: Am I Alone?
  205. Learning to Trust My Body After Betrayal
  206. Safe Foods for Gastroparesis?
  207. Newly Diagnosed with IIH: Struggling with Weight Loss and Side Effects
  208. Struggling to Start Exercising
  209. Skin issues on Remicade - seeking advice
  210. Seeking Diagnosis for Mental Health Issues
  211. Has anyone tried a Spinal Stimulator for chronic back pain?
  212. Connecting with others who understand my diagnosis
  213. How long does it take for moon face to appear on prednisone?
  214. How to protect myself after my state's mask mandate is lifted?
  215. EDS Surgeries and Secondary Conditions: Share Your Experience
  216. Getting Your Doctor to Listen: Tips for Chronic Pain Patients
  217. Looking for Pain Management Strategies and Medications
  218. Looking for natural alternatives to Adderall
  219. Decreased Effectiveness of Emgality Injections for Migraines
  220. How to Stop Picking Your Eyebrows?
  221. Coping with Anxiety: What Works for You?
  222. Managing Work and Digestive Issues
  223. Strangest Medical Treatment That Actually Worked
  224. Coping with Half Deafness: Advice Needed
  225. Muscle Aches After Panic Attack: How to Ease the Pain?
  226. What do you use to stay alert during the day?
  227. Looking for Friends as a Fictive Heavy DID System
  228. New here, looking for advice on improving mental health
  229. Coping with Rheumatology Appointments
  230. Recommendations for a rollator with all-terrain capability and a seat?
  231. Looking for non-medication options for mental health
  232. Looking for T4 and T3 ranges for Graves Disease
  233. Dependent on Weed and Nicotine Together
  234. Preparing for a Long Trip with IBS-D
  235. Just diagnosed with Lyme disease, what should I expect?
  236. Trazodone knocked me out for 24 hours, is this normal?
  237. Tips for Coping with Insomnia
  238. Managing POTS Symptoms in the Morning
  239. What has helped the most with your POTS?
  240. Tips for Getting IV Treatment for POTS
  241. Getting Help for Intrusive Thoughts: Alternatives to CBT
  242. Gabapentin for Pain Management: Does it Work?
  243. Has Anyone Heard of MALS as a Cause of Hyper POTS?
  244. Struggling with Fatigue After Mental Health Treatment
  245. How Many Alters Do You Have?
  246. Need advice for lower back pain
  247. Struggling to Sleep? Here are Some Tips!
  248. Looking for Self-Administered RA/Uveitis Medications
  249. Anyone have experience with Reglan?
  250. Seeking Support and Advice for Mental Health Recovery
  251. Looking for Pain Management Strategies and Medications
  252. Struggling to Communicate: ADHD or Autism?
  253. Newly Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Seeking Advice
  254. How Can I Convince My Mom and Doctor to Let Me Get Tested for Autism?
  255. Dealing with constant anxiety
  256. Dealing with Depression After Losing Loved Ones
  257. Living with Chronic Pain: My Story
  258. Making it Easier to Explain My Condition
  259. Living with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice
  260. Living with Multiple Conditions: The Daily Struggle
  261. Managing Multiple Chronic Illnesses: Tips and Tricks
  262. Concerned about HIV after unprotected sex
  263. How to Combat Depression and Lack of Motivation?
  264. Long COVID Symptoms: Any Improvements?
  265. Gluten Sensitivity: Immediate Reactions?
  266. Dealing with Adenomyosis Pain at 22
  267. Disliking Straight Legs
  268. Need help with anxiety in public places
  269. Alternative Ways to Improve Mental Health?
  270. Vivid Dreams on Increased Medication Dosage
  271. Need advice on how to get rid of muscle twitching
  272. Coping with Urticaria: How Are You Doing?
  273. Struggling with High Sodium Diet
  274. Managing Severe Anxiety: What Works Best?
  275. Looking for advice on PTSD medication
  276. Recovering from Lumbar Fusion Surgery: Need Help with Back Stretches
  277. Looking for Success Stories with Dietary Changes
  278. Struggling to Work with EDS
  279. Is it normal to feel like your body is vibrating?
  280. Managing Menstrual Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  281. Tips for Dealing with Sensory Overstimulation in School Band and Choir?
  282. Looking for Advice on Anxiety and Depression Medication
  283. Dealing with Migraines and Dysautonomia
  284. Dealing with Cabergoline Side Effects
  285. Dealing with IBS and Stress: Tips Needed
  286. How long have you had Sceladerma?
  287. Tips for Boosting Energy Levels
  288. Coping without Medication: Any Suggestions?
  289. Looking for others with POTS or EDS
  290. Difficulty Applying for Disability Benefits as a Stay-at-Home Mom
  291. Need Help with Gastritis Pain Relief
  292. Newly Diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis after Covid Vaccine
  293. How to talk to my family about starting hormone therapy?
  294. Living with Panic Disorder and Ménière’s Disease
  295. Looking for Others with Abdominal Adhesions
  296. Random Muscle Spasms and Joint Dislocation
  297. Constant Headaches Due to Switching: Need Advice
  298. Ending therapy: what to do next?
  299. Sudden Mood Swings on Prozac: Seeking Advice
  300. Struggling to Get Out of Bed: Need Advice
  301. Endoscopy for GERD Diagnosis: Does it Hurt?
  302. Sertraline causing head zaps even with regular dosage?
  303. Dealing with Lumbar/Thoracic Scoliosis at 57
  304. Feeling Overwhelmed and Don't Know What to Do
  305. Anyone else experiencing CHS?
  306. Staying Motivated to Take Medication: Tips and Tricks
  307. Are Psychiatric Hospitals Beneficial?
  308. Feeling Childlike with My Condition
  309. Misdiagnosed with Bipolar: Seeking Insight on BPD
  310. Alternative Treatments for My Condition?
  311. Struggling with PTSD and Employment
  312. Struggling with Cymbalta Withdrawal
  313. Possible Causes of Muscle Aches in Psoriatic Arthritis
  314. Coping with Isolation as an Immunocompromised Person
  315. Zoloft for Anxiety: Does it Work?
  316. Do You Trust Your Doctors?
  317. Tips for Regulating Blood Glucose Levels
  318. Lonely with a Chronic Illness
  319. Worried about my mental health
  320. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  321. Sleep issues on Singulair: Should I stop or stick it out?
  322. Physical Therapy for Scoliosis: Experiences?
  323. ASD and Bladder Control: Does Anyone Else Struggle?
  324. Struggling with Eye Contact in Social Situations
  325. Struggling with the idea of returning to therapy
  326. Functioning without meds: is it possible?
  327. Can't Shake This Migraine
  328. When did you start your period?
  329. How to Calm Down After an Anxiety Attack at Work
  330. Improving My Gum Health: Seeking Advice and Support
  331. Looking for Recommendations for Iron Supplements with Absorption Problems
  332. Staying Motivated with POTS Management
  333. Struggling with Addiction and Mental Health
  334. Tips for Losing Weight with PCOS
  335. Help with a Possible New Condition
  336. Amnesia in DID: Does it scare you too?
  337. Chronic Nausea and Vomiting from Lithium Use
  338. What are your urticaria triggers?
  339. Struggling with Fibromyalgia Symptoms Despite Medication
  340. Questioning if what I'm experiencing is dissociation
  341. Fibro Fog and Fatigue: How Does It Affect You?
  342. Dealing with Endometriosis: Seeking Support
  343. New to the Group, Dealing with Nerve Pain
  344. How to Identify a Herniated Disk: Symptoms and Treatment
  345. Tips for Bringing Up Feeding Tube to Doctor
  346. Struggling with Hypoglycemia: Seeking Advice
  347. Managing Stress with This Condition
  348. Severe Muscle Pain Due to Anxiety
  349. Side Effects of Cymbalta: Anyone Experienced Them?
  350. Coping with Chronic Pain and Depression
  351. Seeking Autism Support and Coping with Pandemic Stress
  352. Heart Pain and EDS: Is There a Connection?
  353. Struggling with Gender Identity and Chronic Illness
  354. Seeking input from other systems on handwriting differences in DID
  355. Looking for Breathing Techniques to Help with Vocal Chord Dysfunction
  356. Looking for POTS treatment advice
  357. Dealing with Allergies: Seeking Advice
  358. Ultrasounds on Kidneys and Renal Artery, Echocardiogram - Any Advice?
  359. Looking for MCAS-friendly meal ideas
  360. Fluctuating Sexual Desire: Is it Normal?
  361. Hydroxyzine for Panic Attacks: My Experience
  362. How to Find the Right Therapist: Tips and Tricks
  363. Dealing with Weak Knee Joints: To Cane or Not to Cane?
  364. Dealing with Anxiety and Appreciating Support
  365. Struggling to Cope with New Diagnoses
  366. Looking for experiences with Chiari 1 Malformation and Syrinx
  367. Does Bipolar Disorder Progress?
  368. Struggling with Adderall and Anxiety Medication
  369. Coping with a Recent Diagnosis: Tips and Advice
  370. Need help with body odor caused by HS
  371. Struggling with Overthinking and Racing Thoughts
  372. Struggling with Overwhelming Thoughts
  373. Experiences with Vitamin B12 Injections for Crohn's Disease?
  374. Adjusting to CPAP Treatment: Tips and Tricks
  375. Schizophrenia Diagnosis: Impact on Family and Friends
  376. Looking for PCOS support and weight loss tips
  377. How did you get diagnosed with lupus?
  378. Looking for Treatment Options for POTS and Vertigo
  379. How to Stop Panic Attacks in Their Tracks
  380. Looking for Someone to Talk to About Anxiety and Parkinson's
  381. Coping with MCAS Isolation: Tips for Extroverts
  382. Pinprick Pain in Feet and Legs
  383. Managing tasks with Adderall: My experience
  384. How do you know if your meds are working?
  385. Self-Diagnosing Autism: Guilt and Validation
  386. Coping with Chronic Illness: Tips and Tricks
  387. Newly Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Need Sleep Advice
  388. Looking for advice on IBS medication
  389. Has anyone had success with Methadone for Small Fiber Neurapathy?
  390. Struggling with Graves' Disease Medication Dosing
  391. How to Stop Rushing Thoughts and Sleep Better?
  392. Suppressing Tics in Abusive Households
  393. Reoccurring Panic Attacks - What Are Your Experiences?
  394. Scared to Make Friends
  395. Looking for Lithium Carbonate users
  396. Dealing with Health Issues After a Volatile Relationship
  397. Looking for Friends Who Understand Mental Illness
  398. Managing Depression and ADHD without Therapy
  399. Managing Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  400. Coping with Mental Health Symptoms
  401. Struggling with Dehydration from COVID
  402. Severe Osteoporosis Treatment Plan: Seeking Advice
  403. Struggling with ADHD without medication
  404. Ketamine for Depression: Anyone Tried It?
  405. Dealing with Lower Back and Hip Pain
  406. Dealing with Nausea and POTS
  407. Overcoming Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  408. Looking for Pain Relief Recommendations
  409. Tips for Remembering to Take Medication
  410. Struggling with Restlessness on Abilify and Benztropine
  411. Living with Chronic Illness: Let's Share Our Stories
  412. Need help lowering my A1C levels
  413. Navigating Romantic Relationships with Bipolar Disorder
  414. Coping with ADHD Doubters: How to Care Less About What Others Think
  415. Dealing with Anxiety: Need Advice
  416. Looking for PMDD Treatment Options
  417. Does depression ever go away?
  418. Dealing with the urge of pills
  419. When to Start Using Mobility Aids?
  420. Managing Kyphosis and Scoliosis: Exercise or Surgery?
  421. Understanding Brain Fog: Can Someone Explain It Better?
  422. Balancing Mental Health and Ambition in University
  423. Worried about TMJ and Wisdom Teeth Removal
  424. Looking for recommendations on anxiety meds to take with duloxetine
  425. Forearm Crutches vs Cane: Which is Better?
  426. Looking for Advice on Service Dogs
  427. Trouble with People Hearing Me
  428. Concerned about a possible hiatial hernia and struggling to eat
  429. Looking for Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis
  430. Driving with Type One Diabetes: Need Advice
  431. Coping with Type 1 Diabetes and Depression/Anxiety
  432. Combatting Daytime Sleepiness: Tips and Tricks
  433. Need advice on finding a rheumatologist for fibromyalgia
  434. Advocating for Myself with CRPS Type 2
  435. Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Struggling with Carb Intake
  436. Feeling Alone with Epilepsy
  437. Suggestions for Pain Management During Long Study Hours
  438. Need Help with Nausea Relief
  439. Dealing with Anxiety and Migraines During Family Gatherings
  440. Dealing with Violent Tics on Ritalin
  441. Daily Back and Hip Pain
  442. Has Anyone Gotten Long Term Relief from a Hysterectomy?
  443. Struggling to Sleep: Any Tips?
  444. Struggling with an Unspecified Autoimmune Disorder
  445. Managing Anxiety Without Drugs
  446. How to know if you're getting better with mental health?
  447. Overcoming Emetophobia and Panic Attacks
  448. Exhaustion after going gluten-free
  449. Random Burning Pain in Abdomen and Sides
  450. Dealing with Constant Loneliness
  451. Looking for a cure
  452. CDC tones down its opioid prescribing guidelines
  453. Overcoming Anxiety and Depression as a Medical Student
  454. Advice for a Gluten-Free Diet?
  455. Tips for Running with Arthritis?
  456. Service Dogs for POTS: Any Experience?
  457. Dealing with early satiety and nausea on Plaquenil
  458. Dealing with Brain Fog: Anyone Else Struggling?
  459. Combating Insulin Resistance with Chronic Fatigue
  460. Headaches and Hangovers After Taking Ativan
  461. Struggling to Take Ritalin Oral Tablets
  462. Looking for experiences with midodrine and other POTS meds
  463. Struggling with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Severe Depression
  464. Looking for advice on natural path for Crohn's disease
  465. Possible HS Diagnosis, Need Advice
  466. Struggling with ARFID: Limited Diet and Nutrient Deficiencies
  467. Excessive eye watering after taking pilocarpine
  468. How long did it take to diagnose Henoch-Schönlein Purpura?
  469. Improving Kidney Function: Diet and Supplements
  470. Struggling with My Morning Routine
  471. Coping with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  472. Tips for Managing Inflammation with Latex Allergy
  473. Living with SLE: Seeking Support
  474. Bipolar or Teenagerism?
  475. Lexipro not working anymore, what should I do?
  476. Intense Vein Pain - Is it EDS or Autoimmune?
  477. Struggling to Acknowledge My DID
  478. Repeated Surgeries: Is It Worth It?
  479. Stopping Compulsions: Tips and Tricks
  480. Dealing with Panic Attacks When Alone
  481. New here and feeling depressed, seeking guidance
  482. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice
  483. Heart Palpitations After COVID-19
  484. How to Wake Up Energized Every Morning
  485. Dealing with IBS-D: Nausea and Dizziness
  486. Effective Therapy and Remedies for Mental Health
  487. New to the app and looking for help with fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, anxiety…
  488. Coping with Depression and Physical Pain
  489. Continuing Hashimotos Flares Despite Normal Levels
  490. Transitioning to Adult Care for Congenital Heart Defects
  491. New to the App, Looking to Learn More About My Mental Health
  492. Improving My Lifestyle with Primary Lymphedema
  493. Connecting with Others Who Understand My Chronic Conditions
  494. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Advice
  495. Help with Skin Picking Habit
  496. Looking for Bipolar Med Recommendations
  497. Looking for advice on managing GI discomfort
  498. Need Help with Physical Therapy at Home
  499. Struggling with ADHD: Seeking Non-Medication Solutions
  500. Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care?
  501. Dealing with Mold Toxicity: Struggles with Sharing Health Issues
  502. Struggling with Energy Levels After Autoimmune Diagnosis
  503. Advice on Getting a Psychiatric Service Dog for Borderline Episodes
  504. Am I Asexual or Just Depressed?
  505. Help! I can't stop pulling out my eyebrows
  506. Seeking Treatment Suggestions
  507. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  508. Dealing with IBS and Nausea: Seeking Advice
  509. Living with Multiple Disorders: How Normal is Normal?
  510. Struggling with Weight Gain and Protein Absorption with CVID
  511. Dealing with Obsessive Skin and Hair Picking
  512. Panic Attack on Fourth of July
  513. Will my afib return if I stop taking eliquis?
  514. High Blood Sugar and Headaches: What Can I Do?
  515. Severe Lyrica Side Effects - Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  516. Dealing with Insomnia After Brain Injury
  517. Struggling to Get Out of Bed: Tips for Boosting Energy
  518. Looking for advice on ADHD meds
  519. Looking for Chronic Migraine Relief
  520. Managing Chronic Pain: Seeking Suggestions
  521. Finally Heard by a Doctor for My EDS Pain
  522. Recommendations for a good lotion that doesn't trigger hives?
  523. How to Fall Asleep When Anxious About a New Job
  524. Seeking Advice on Joint Pain and Stiffness
  525. Using Adderall with Opioid Pain Medicine for Chronic Pain
  526. Coping with DID in a harmful living situation
  527. Common Medication Side Effects: What You Need to Know
  528. Starting Buspar for Anxiety: What to Expect?
  529. Exhausted and in Pain: Seeking Advice
  530. Newly Diagnosed Neurodivergent Seeking Support
  531. Looking for Information on Skin Picking Disorders
  532. Struggling to Stay Present and Positive
  533. Avoiding Certain Foods for Better Health
  534. Specialist or General Practitioner for OCD Treatment?
  535. What are the Best Antidepressants for SAD and Anxiety?
  536. Struggling with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice and Support
  537. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Help Again
  538. Sore Pains from GERD: Anyone Else?
  539. Accessing Childhood Memories with Dissociative Identity Disorder
  540. Looking for advice on welbutrin for executive function issues
  541. Struggling to Get a Diagnosis for ADHD and Autism
  542. Hair Loss with Hashimotos: Seeking Advice
  543. Newly Diagnosed with ADHD: Seeking Support and Answers
  544. Struggling with Vitamin D Deficiency
  545. Navigating Life with SI Joint Pain
  546. Looking for Advice on Crohn's Disease and Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  547. Need advice on taking Cymbalta with Vyvanse and Zoloft
  548. How to Hide Facial Tics in Public?
  549. Concerns about being diagnosed with Tourettes later in life
  550. Propranolol for Anxiety: Good or Bad?
  551. Dealing with IBS and Bloody Stool: Need Advice
  552. Dealing with Anxiety While My Father is in the Hospital
  553. Scared of Starting Therapy: Need Advice
  554. Dealing with OCD and PTSD: Seeking Advice
  555. Dealing with Irrational Anger Towards Numbers
  556. Struggling with Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Lupus
  557. Is it Normal to Pee This Much?
  558. Looking for natural pain relief options
  559. Experiencing Transient Global Amnesia at 20
  560. Looking for new ways to cope with depression
  561. Using Narcotics with MCAS: Seeking Advice
  562. Experiencing SSRI Withdrawal Symptoms
  563. Coping with CFS while Working and Studying
  564. Dealing with Heavy and Painful Periods for 6 Years
  565. Dealing with Vitiligo: Seeking Professional Help
  566. Tips for Getting Back to Reality
  567. Partial Seizures: Anyone Else Get Lost in the Grocery Store?
  568. Buspar Side Effects - Anyone Else Experiencing Them?
  569. Struggling with Adderall: Need Advice
  570. Struggling with Body Temperature Regulation
  571. Geodon Side Effects
  572. Looking for Nature Throid reviews
  573. How to Monitor Your Health Conditions?
  574. Overcoming Selective Mutism: My Story
  575. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression: Seeking Advice
  576. Labeling Our System as Polyfrag: Is It Appropriate?
  577. Dealing with Driving Anxiety: How to Stay Focused on the Road
  578. Dealing with Autism Symptoms: Which One is the Toughest?
  579. Experiencing Out of Body Spells with Fibromyalgia
  580. Dealing with Hallucinations: Losing a Friend
  581. Feeling Off in the Mornings: What Can I Do?
  582. Dealing with Chronic Silent Migraines
  583. Considering a cane for balance and pain relief
  584. Dissociating while driving, anyone else?
  585. Talking About Doctor's Appointments: Do You Need To?
  586. Seeking Advice: How to Get a Formal Diagnosis for Fibromyalgia?
  587. Do I Have More Than Just Anxiety?
  588. Dealing with a Health Condition
  589. Need advice for noise sensitivity
  590. Living with Graves Disease: My Struggle with Symptoms and Isolation
  591. Alternative Methods for Managing Anxiety Attacks
  592. Struggling with my self-identity as someone with ASD
  593. How to Stop Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  594. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety: Could it be BPD?
  595. Looking for Fibromyalgia Support
  596. Zoloft Side Effects: Weight Gain and Anxiety
  597. Preventing MCAS Flare Ups: Tips and Tricks
  598. Is Using Steroids for Eczema Normal?
  599. Experiences with Respiradone for Auditory Hallucinations and Paranoia?
  600. Cravings and Sweats After Restarting Geodon
  601. Coping with Mental Health: What Works and What Doesn't?
  602. Do Your Chronic Conditions Flare Up Together?
  603. Feeling Disconnected: Tips to Get Back to Reality
  604. Managing Cravings with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  605. Feeling Isolated with Co-Morbidities at 20
  606. Alternative treatments for migraines?
  607. Managing Panic Attacks: Tips for a Healthy Response
  608. Struggling with Depersonalization: Need Help!
  609. What Does a POTS Flare Feel Like?
  610. Struggling with Accepting Medication for Anxiety
  611. Coping with OCD-induced Paranoia
  612. Dealing with POTS and ADD fatigue
  613. Struggling with ADHD Medication
  614. Connecting with the AS community
  615. IBS and Pelvic Cramps: Anyone Else Experience This?
  616. Switching from Gabapentin to Lyrica: Any Success Stories?
  617. Long-term SSRI use not working anymore, seeking advice
  618. Managing Impulsiveness: Tips and Advice
  619. Managing T1D and ADHD
  620. Anxiety Medication Not Working Anymore - Is This Normal?
  621. Living with Chronic Pain: Do You Have Other Conditions?
  622. Could it be something else? Seeking advice on PCOS diagnosis
  623. Struggling to Sleep, Need Advice
  624. My Life with Hydrocephalus: 17 Surgeries Later
  625. Need advice on Adderall dosage and depression
  626. What Can I Eat Before a Colonoscopy?
  627. Coping with Cancer: Insights from Young Survivors
  628. Struggling with Nausea: Any Tips?
  629. Can I Get Disability Benefits for My Mental Health Issues?
  630. Coping with BPD without medication and codependency
  631. Struggling with Endo Flare Up: Need Pain Management Tips
  632. Navigating Scoliosis and EDS Symptoms
  633. Best Medication for Managing Symptoms?
  634. Struggling with Career Choices and Self-Acceptance
  635. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue
  636. Dealing with a Migraine Flare Up: Need Help!
  637. Trouble Sleeping After Taking Adderall XR
  638. Do You Make Uncontrollable High-Pitched Sounds When Falling Asleep?
  639. Finding Friends with Similar Phobias
  640. Gemcitabine Treatment Side Effects
  641. Overcoming Depressive Lows: Tips and Tricks
  642. Coping with Multiple Mental Health Diagnoses
  643. What's the Best Treatment for Restless Legs?
  644. Describing Anxiety Attacks: Share Your Experience
  645. Looking for support with CRPS
  646. Struggling with Mental Health During Quarantine
  647. Twitching and Convulsing: Normal or Not?
  648. ADHDer Wondering if Also Autistic
  649. Living with Chronic Illness: My Story
  650. Dealing with Unbearable Menstrual Pain
  651. Hot While Sleeping - Need Help!
  652. Dealing with Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Seeking Advice
  653. Understanding Panic and Anxiety Attacks
  654. Seeking Advice on Autoimmune Disorders
  655. Need advice on non-controlled ADHD meds
  656. Newly Discovered DID System Freaking Out
  657. Managing Diabetes with ADHD: Looking for Support
  658. Frequent urination on bupropion - advice needed
  659. Struggling with Emotional Numbness
  660. Struggling with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism
  661. Managing Knee Pain Without Oral Medication
  662. Dealing with Back Pain at Work: Need Advice
  663. Am I Autistic? How to Know for Sure
  664. Elbow Pain at Night with hEDS
  665. Looking for Neurodivergent Friends
  666. Dealing with Imbalance: Seeking Advice
  667. Alternative ways to regulate menstrual cycles with PCOS?
  668. Relief for Chronic Migraines?
  669. Dealing with Frequent Urination due to Interstitial Cystitis
  670. Struggling with Undiagnosed Mental Health Issues
  671. Struggling with Derealization
  672. Long Periods of Paranoia with Autism
  673. Monitoring My Condition: When to Seek Help
  674. Alternative Treatments for My Condition?
  675. How to remember to brush your teeth with ADHD?
  676. Should I Get Diagnosed with Autism?
  677. Looking for Connection with Chronic Illness
  678. Connecting with Other T1 Diabetics
  679. Weird feeling while driving, is this normal?
  680. Struggling with Letting Go of Negative Thoughts
  681. Struggling with Undiagnosed Anxiety
  682. Tips for Overcoming Intense Compulsions
  683. Managing Anxiety: Beyond Medication
  684. Desperate for advice on chronic UTIs
  685. PTSD and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Concern for Transgender Individuals
  686. Looking for advice on finding energy and motivation
  687. Dealing with Compulsive Behaviors
  688. Struggling with Anxiety and Psoriasis
  689. Dealing with Severe Bipolar Disorder: Finding the Right Medication
  690. When is it Time to Get a Mobility Aid?
  691. Need help with sleeping issues and waking up on time
  692. Need help communicating with alters
  693. Opinions on Anxiety Medication?
  694. Constant Migraine for Over a Month - Need Help!
  695. Looking for alternatives to lansoprazole for GERD
  696. New Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Stress?
  697. Tips for Exercising with Heart Issues
  698. Coping with Mental Health Struggles at Work
  699. Dealing with Medication Fatigue and Headaches
  700. Share Your Diagnosis Story
  701. Discovering Adenomyosis: Share Your Story
  702. Struggling to Stick to a Gluten-Free Diet
  703. Linzess for IBS: Is it making my symptoms worse?
  704. Creative ways to add sodium to my diet for POTS management
  705. Struggling with Obesity and Infertility
  706. Dealing with Impostor Syndrome in Mental Health
  707. Looking for advice on Lamictal for BPD
  708. What change helped you the MOST in improving your health?
  709. Questions about Stelara infusion and side effects
  710. TTC for over a year, struggling with body changes
  711. Struggling with Severe Bipolar Depression in Ohio
  712. Living with DID: Struggling to Work Full Time
  713. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  714. Moving in with my boyfriend who has OCD and anxiety
  715. Dealing with Vocal Tics During High Stress Periods
  716. Wondering if I'm Autistic: Overthinking or Realization?
  717. What has helped the most besides medications?
  718. Enlarged liver and spleen, possible RA or sarcoid related
  719. Trazodone Dosage: Sleepless Nights and Hangovers
  720. Starting Pristiq: Need Advice
  721. Difficulty Staying Focused During Sex
  722. Struggling with Severe Dehydration: Need Help Masking the Taste of Celtic Salt i…
  723. Managing Relationships with Chronic Pain
  724. Dealing with Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  725. Working with Illness: Tips and Advice Needed
  726. Painful Massage: Anyone Else Experience This?
  727. Debilitating Anxiety at New Job
  728. Alternative Approaches to Managing Chronic Migraines
  729. Tips for Healthy Snacking with Type 2 Diabetes
  730. Anxiety and PTSD: Do You Hear Voices?
  731. Hallucinating figures, anyone else?
  732. Has ADHD Medication Saved My Life?
  733. Constant Migraines: What Can I Do?
  734. Ageism in Chronic Illness
  735. Non-Medication Pain Relief Techniques
  736. Is clinginess a part of ASD?
  737. Share Your Experiences with Dicyclomine (Bentyl) for IBS Symptoms
  738. Dealing with Fear of Thunderstorms at 19 Years Old
  739. Best Doctor for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia Diagnosis?
  740. How Can I Help My Friend With Dissociation?
  741. Dealing with Multiple Eating Disorders
  742. Share Your Experiences with IIH/Pseudotumor Cerebri
  743. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  744. What Can I Do for Arthritis Pain in My Thumbs?
  745. Dating with Crohn's: Need Advice!
  746. Intense Stomach Issues: Can Anyone Relate?
  747. Need advice on coping with Adderall side effects
  748. Starting Zoloft - Looking for Advice
  749. PMDD and Depression: Confusing Symptoms
  750. Concerns about HIV and Future Health
  751. What Meds and Habits Help Keep Crohn's in Remission?
  752. What Are the Causes of Neck Jerks and What Should I Do?
  753. Introduction and Seeking Support for Mental Health Conditions
  754. Exploring Treatment Options: What Has Worked For You?
  755. Living on SSDI with Chronic Illness: Struggling to Make Ends Meet
  756. How to Stop Heart Palpitations?
  757. Do I Look Like a Diabetic?
  758. Advice for Eating with SMA Syndrome?
  759. Understanding Dissociation: Can Someone Explain It to Me?
  760. Starting a New Medication: What to Expect
  761. Adjusting to Life with a Mobility Aid: Tips and Tricks
  762. Fear of Graduating from Intensive Outpatient Program
  763. Managing Anxiety: Seeking Better Ideas
  764. Stabbing Pain in Ovaries: Endometriosis or PCOS?
  765. Seeking comfort and advice for chest pain and anxiety
  766. Best medications for JME?
  767. Struggling with Psoriasis and Unexplained Bruising
  768. Itchy SH Scars - Anyone Else?
  769. Recovery from VNS: What to Expect
  770. Loss of Motor Skills in Hands: Any Tips?
  771. Feeling Exhausted Lately, Any Advice?
  772. Kidney Biopsy: Has Anyone Had One?
  773. Struggling to Stick to a Diet?
  774. Sertraline and intense dreams: should I switch meds?
  775. Tips for getting doctors to listen about fibromyalgia symptoms?
  776. Starting B12 Injections: Tips and Advice Needed
  777. Is My ADHD Medication Working? Tips for Monitoring Your Progress
  778. Has anyone tried migraine injection pens?
  779. Newly Diagnosed with Lupus: Seeking Guidance
  780. Struggling with Anxiety on Medication
  781. Recently Diagnosed with Sarcoidosis: Seeking Advice
  782. CBD for Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  783. Struggling with Meal Planning Due to Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog
  784. Constant Night Sweats: Is It My Medication or Something Else?
  785. Dealing with Fatigue in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  786. Deep Skin Itches - Normal or a Condition?
  787. Balancing Health Conditions: Help vs. Triggers
  788. Struggling with Friendship: Should I Consider Therapy Again?
  789. Constant Lung Pain, No Answers
  790. Looking for Advice on Controlling Psoriasis Symptoms
  791. Dealing with Stomach Pain and Nausea for Months
  792. Dealing with Pelvic Floor Issues: Seeking Advice and Support
  793. Effective ways to manage anxiety
  794. Variation in Migraine Symptoms
  795. What has MS taken from you?
  796. Considering a Wheelchair for My Fibromyalgia: Is it Worth It?
  797. Struggling with Hygiene: Any Tips?
  798. Coping with Irrational Thoughts and Delusions
  799. Dealing with Extreme Sensory Overload as an Adult
  800. Looking for Advice on Thyroid Medications and Overall Health
  801. Can GERD occur without heartburn?
  802. Managing My Condition: Tips and Tricks
  803. Dealing with POTS Symptoms: Feeling Upside Down and Spinning
  804. Using Cannabis to Manage Crohn's and Pain: Anyone Else?
  805. Coping with Panic Disorder: Share Your Best Skills
  806. Looking for Encouragement with Bipolar Disorder and Heart Attack Recovery
  807. Anxiety worsened after Covid?
  808. Struggling with Low Self-Esteem and Depression
  809. Dealing with Migraines Triggered by Weather Changes
  810. Exploring the Spoon Theory: A New Way to Explain Chronic Illness
  811. Stimulant Medications and Heart Problems
  812. Embarrassing Incident at the Dollar Tree
  813. Depression after endometriosis laparoscopy
  814. Questions about Vraylar for Depression
  815. Feeling Disconnected from Reality
  816. Looking for a medication to help with sensory overload
  817. Struggling with Chronic Migraines: Need Advice
  818. Constant pain on my right lower back
  819. Best non-benzo sleeping med without hangover?
  820. Has anyone taken Fludrocortisone? Need advice.
  821. Newly Diagnosed with ADHD: Overwhelmed and Unsure
  822. Severe Allergic Reaction to Bactrim - Need Advice
  823. Coping with Severe Anxiety Symptoms
  824. Trouble Sleeping with Scoliosis: Tips and Advice
  825. Struggling with Sleep Apnea and Machine Use
  826. Stopped taking antidepressants due to weight gain
  827. Need advice on increasing iron levels without blood transfusions
  828. Tips for Managing Anxiety Without a Specific Trigger
  829. How Can I Reduce My Constant Wheezing Tic?
  830. Dealing with Bipolar 1 and ADHD: My Story
  831. Do I Talk to Myself When I Can't Sleep?
  832. Feeling Tired and Overwhelmed
  833. Anxiety Attacks and Physical Symptoms
  834. Tips for managing discomfort and pain with a stomach hernia
  835. Looking for others on the IBS relief journey
  836. Wellbutrin and Depression: When Will It Take Full Effect?
  837. Tricking myself into brushing my teeth
  838. Looking for Chronic Urticaria Treatment Advice
  839. Feeling Stuck in Counseling
  840. Struggling with ADHD: What Medication Works Best?
  841. Struggling with vWd: What Are Your Experiences?
  842. Considering Ketamine Infusions for Depression
  843. Dealing with Abdominal Cramping and Airway Blockage
  844. Looking for others with Long Covid
  845. Seeking Advice for Mental Health Medication
  846. What has helped your IBS the most?
  847. Introducing Myself: John, Here to Help with Diabetes
  848. Unemployed and Struggling with Anxiety
  849. Constant Teeth Grinding and Pain - Seeking Advice
  850. Improving Mental and Physical Health: Tips and Tricks
  851. Looking for others who are CF carriers with symptoms
  852. Severe Elbow Pain with FM: Need Advice
  853. Best Medication or Supplement for Relief?
  854. Depakote and its side effects on my body
  855. Need Info on Diametric Pressure Changes
  856. Considering Surgery Options: Need Advice
  857. Compulsive Hoarding with OCD - Am I Alone?
  858. Antipsychotics for Treatment Resistant Depression: Experiences?
  859. Tips for Dealing with Panic Attacks
  860. Struggling with Expressing Myself Due to Speech Impediment
  861. Has anyone tried Ketamine for depression?
  862. Medication vs Therapy: Which is Better for Mental Health?
  863. Driving Anxiety: Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?
  864. Side Effects of Lithium and Other Psychiatric Medications
  865. Dealing with Anxiety Attacks in Relationships
  866. Struggling to Socialize with Friends
  867. How do you cope with pain?
  868. Share Your Diagnosis Journey
  869. Managing IBS Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  870. Hiatal Hernia Repair Surgery: Anyone Had It?
  871. Asking for ADHD medication outside of college
  872. Struggling with Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Long COVID
  873. Getting off Setraline: Any Tips?
  874. Finding a Therapist: My Fears and Concerns
  875. Non-Medication Ways to Improve Mental Health?
  876. Considering a Supplemental Prescription for Depression
  877. Struggling with Long Haul COVID Symptoms
  878. New to the Pacemaker Club
  879. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  880. Mucus in my neck won't go away, need advice
  881. Coping with Anxiety and Depression on a Tight Budget
  882. Anxiety Attack with Deep Breathing: Shared Experience?
  883. Boyfriend's Mental Health Issues and Strange Texts from Friend
  884. Dealing with Panic Attacks at School
  885. Muscle Twitching After Recovering from Covid
  886. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Tips and Advice
  887. Changing Medication and Treatment: Is it Necessary?
  888. Struggling to Quit Vaping: Need Advice
  889. Is Fibromyalgia Getting Worse or Am I?
  890. Coping with Stress and Hallucinations
  891. Experiences with Wellbutrin for Depression and Anxiety?
  892. Dealing with Anxiety at Work: Need Advice
  893. Introducing Myself: Battling Achalasia Alone
  894. Feeling Guilty About Doing Nothing During a Flare-Up
  895. Dealing with Hyperthyroidism at 15
  896. Looking for advice on insomnia treatment
  897. Bad Reaction to Vaccines
  898. Heart Problems and POTS: Seeking Advice
  899. Managing CRPS: Balancing Pain and Enjoyment
  900. Dealing with IBS Symptoms: Bloating and Medication
  901. Looking for Support with My Neurofibromatosis
  902. Dealing with Sensory Overload as an Autistic Person
  903. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health Symptoms
  904. Dealing with Interstitial Cystitis: Seeking Advice
  905. Struggling with Morning Depression
  906. Experience with Over the Counter Birth Control?
  907. Dealing with IBS Symptoms: Painful Bowel Movements
  908. Looking for Positivity in Cancer Treatment
  909. Nausea from ADD Medication
  910. Struggling with Sensory Difficulties in a Committed Relationship
  911. Reglan/Metoclopramide: Experiences?
  912. How Long Does Oxygen Weaning Take?
  913. Looking for Support with Gastroparesis Diagnosis
  914. Heart rate fluctuating from low to high in seconds
  915. Dependent on Afrin, Need Help Quitting
  916. Looking for Support from Fellow Scoliosis Surgery Patients
  917. Tips for Calming Anxiety and Sleeping Better
  918. Improving Mental Health: Beyond Medications and Therapy
  919. Sore throat for 6 months, any tips?
  920. Successfully Treating TMJ with Natural Herbs or Medicines?
  921. What Medications Work for Fibromyalgia Pain?
  922. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Finding a New Source of Income
  923. Possible Pregnancy with Birth Control: What Should I Do?
  924. What Are the Best Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids?
  925. Managing My Medical Care as a New Adult
  926. Struggling with Motivation Despite Anti-Depressants
  927. Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type IV and More
  928. Career advice for someone with ankylosing spondlyoarthritis
  929. Struggling to Make Friends as an Adult with Anxiety and Depression
  930. Late ASD Diagnosis and Counseling Struggles
  931. Safe Medications During Pregnancy
  932. What Can Help Me Better With My Anxiety?
  933. Managing ADD without medication: Tips and Tricks
  934. Struggling to Exercise with Pain and Fatigue
  935. Concerns About Becoming Dependent on Adderall
  936. Recommendations for Compression Gear for RA Pain Relief?
  937. Accommodations for Bipolar at Work
  938. Am I an Outlier in Diabetes Control?
  939. Best Stool Softeners and Foods for Constipation Relief
  940. Need Back Pain Relief Advice
  941. Treatment options for BOT in Gynecology
  942. Looking for Support with Chronic Migraines
  943. Medical Cannabis for Fibromyalgia or ME/CFS
  944. Anxiety Symptoms: Dizziness and Migraines
  945. Struggling with Chronic Health Issues: Seeking Advice
  946. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice and Support
  947. How to Slow Down Spine Curvature Progression?
  948. Need Motivation to Change My Diet Again
  949. Managing expectations on ADHD medication
  950. Negative reaction to Covid 19 vaccine
  951. Balancing College and Mental Illness: Looking for Friends
  952. Struggling with Chronic Back Pain: Seeking Advice
  953. Managing Lymphedema: Tips and Tricks
  954. Menstrual Cycle and Interstitial Cystitis Flares
  955. Looking for advice on managing Hashimoto's through diet and lifestyle changes
  956. Misdiagnosed with Autism?
  957. Extended periods of dissociation
  958. Dealing with Executive Dysfunction
  959. Struggling with Stress Eating: Need Help!
  960. Losing Memories of Being Part of a System
  961. Looking for experiences with Limictal for epilepsy
  962. Managing T1D and Social Life: Tips and Tricks
  963. Struggling with hEDS Diagnosis: How Long Did It Take You?
  964. Experience with Over the Counter Birth Control?
  965. How Weed Helped Me with TMJ
  966. How long have you been diagnosed with myeloma?
  967. Debilitating Stomach Pain from Anxiety
  968. Anyone else experience tics?
  969. Questioning My Life: Lack of Sexual Interest
  970. Managing Fibro Flares: Seeking Advice and Support
  971. Anti-depressants and BPD: A Good Idea?
  972. Random Chest Spasms and Sharp Pains
  973. Struggling with Negative Thoughts
  974. Dealing with Lyme Disease: Seeking Advice
  975. Dealing with Illness: Seeking Tips and Support
  976. Low dose naltrexone for fibromyalgia
  977. The Daily Struggle: Living with OCD
  978. Struggling with Memory Loss at Work and School
  979. Managing Joint Pain and Stiffness: Tips and Tricks
  980. Should I See a Rheumatologist for My Fibromyalgia Diagnosis?
  981. Coping with Narcolepsy: Tips and Tricks
  982. Heart Rate and Chest Pain: Seeking Advice
  983. Need advice on dealing with derealization episodes
  984. New to the Platform: Meet Misty!
  985. Feeling Alone with Fibromyalgia
  986. Struggling with Candida Diet Restrictions
  987. Dealing with Bad Allergies: Tips and Tricks
  988. Has anyone tried Sunosi or Wakix?
  989. Heart palpitations on Wellbutrin
  990. Dealing with SVT and Palpitations: Seeking Advice
  991. Struggling with Selective Mutism
  992. New to Insulin Pump: Need Help with Sounds and Carb Counting
  993. Dealing with Paranoia About Being Watched
  994. Need advice for managing type 2 diabetes without medication
  995. Coping with BPD: Beyond Medication
  996. Introduction and Struggles with Mental Health
  997. Alternative Pain Relief for Degenerative Joint Disease
  998. Describing My Worst Panic Attack
  999. Managing Diabetes: Seeking Advice on Healthy Eating Habits
  1000. Preparing for EMDR Therapy: Tips and Advice
  1001. Managing Anxiety and Insomnia with a Gluten-Free Lifestyle
  1002. Quick Hemorrhoid Relief Tips
  1003. Covid Vaccine and Ménière’s: Should I Get Vaccinated?
  1004. Nervous about my first spinal injection/epidural
  1005. Living with Chronic Hip Pain as a Dancer
  1006. High TSH Levels Despite Taking Levothyroxine - Seeking Advice
  1007. Dealing with Digestive Issues: Should I Talk to My Gastroenterologist?
  1008. Adjusting to a New Normal: Coping with Mental Health Struggles
  1009. Tapering off Lexapro after 12 years - Need advice!
  1010. Need advice on getting a medical alert bracelet for Addison's
  1011. Managing Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1012. Alternative ways to cope with depression
  1013. Looking for Friends with Similar Conditions
  1014. Dealing with Low Blood Pressure Symptoms on Psych Meds
  1015. Earning a Living with Chronic Issues: Tips and Advice
  1016. Looking for Support with Chronic Pain
  1017. Describing Your Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  1018. Coping with Chronic Illness: Movement and Holistic Methods
  1019. Tips for Staying Focused While Studying
  1020. Struggling with a New Autism Diagnosis
  1021. Looking for alternative remedies for POTS
  1022. Anxiety vs. Panic Attacks: What's the Difference?
  1023. Struggling to Sleep: Any Tips?
  1024. Is Botox Worth It for Chronic Migraines?