My jaw has been locked from TMJ for about six months now. My doctor said to just wait it out and it will get better on its own, but nothing seems to help. Ive tried cutting out gum/crunchy/chewy foods, massaging it, using hot/cold packs, etc,. and nothing seems to work. In the past when my jaw locked it would get better after a few days but for some reason that isn’t the case now. I can only open it 1/4 of the way. Any advice?

Temporomandibular joint disorders

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  • Rosie_Posey


    My biggest recommendation would be to consult a chiropractor, mine works wonders for me when I feel my jaw lock or pop out of where it should be

  • SupermomAli


    Do TMJ excerise on YouTube it really helps me

  • Margot


    I have been seeing a physical therapist who specializes in TMJ and actually helps by giving me exercises to do and massages the muscles. He did a full exam on me to see what was causing the issue. Might be worth trying to find

  • spoonfull


    Ive had some relief from trigger point injections as well as acupuncture/ electro acupuncture 💕

  • HottyMcThotty


    Physical therapy helped my jaw so much. I had tried everything, but there was nothing like physical therapy

  • Goose33


    thank you all for your advice, i can’t wait to try it out :))

  • Niki_madeline


    I second PT. Hopefully your local physical therapy center has laser therapy, that’s been really helpful for my jaw. I hope you have a properly fitting mouth guard and are using a hot pack before bed?

  • SeaStar


    When my jaw locks, I have to slowly open and close it multiple times and it unlocks itself. Of course everyone is different, but I agree with the chiropractor comment. I’d def give that a try!

  • Emmy1997


    You can actually get botox injections for TMJ. Botox injections usually cost $15

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