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My most life altering diagnosis has been my bipolar 2. It explained many ways I had always felt growing up. Although I am still very much working managing my bipolar 2, with medication, therapy, and life choices; I was recently diagnosed, as an adult female, with ADHD. Upon researching this I have found that this diagnosis, too, explains a lot of thinking and behavior patterns I have always wrestled with. I am interested to hear other people's journeys with on or both of these diagnoses and how they navigate their every day life.

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      I have ADHD and I’m in college right now so my biggest struggle is doing all my schoolwork (on time) and also getting sleep and taking care of myself and doing chores and other things in life. I have a really hard time getting started on tasks because I get overwhelmed by everything that I have to do today and tomorrow and this week…. so it is hard for me to do things unless there is a time limit. Like if it is due at midnight, sometimes I can’t start until 9:00pm. And some days I just can’t do anything because I feel like I ran out of energy because I used all of my energy on school for that week. Most weekends I take a really long time getting ready to go anywhere because I don’t have enough energy to do everything to get ready to go. Also, my stimulant meds aren’t really working for me right now so that is really tough, I think I need to have a higher dose. My other parts of ADHD are that I don’t really process time the same as neurotypjcals. I am often late to school or other things because it feels like I have time to relax or do something else first, but then all of the sudden I only have 20 minutes until I need to be leaving. I also constantly stim by moving my toes, and touching my tongue on my teeth. And I bounce my leg and rub my hands/fingers together. I also take a really long time to do homework and tests. I have an accommodation for extra time on tests and take them in a separate room.

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