my doctor prescribed a high sodium diet and ive been trying to stick to that but it's hard to find things im supposed to eat. like he didnt say much more than 'eat more salt' im not sure how much or how often. i tried looking up high sodium diets to try to find the things im supposed to eat but the only results are things along the lines of 'too much sodium in your diet is bad it can cause high blood pressure blah blah blah.' any suggestions as to what im supposed to be eating.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • neo


    I like zero sugar Powerade and then I just add more salt to all of the food that I eat and the amount of salt you're supposed to have a few of pots is between three and five grams

  • Opal


    Definitely check out taking vitassium by salt stick it’s salt capsules generated specifically for people with pots! I take 4 a day and know some people take up to 6! See the problem neuropathic pots (when bp drops on standing and hr increases) is that your blood pressure is too low so salt can really help to get it back to normal! Also try to increase your water intake! This boosts blood volume.

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