what's something that's made explaining your condition to other people easier?

Nonverbal learning disorder

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  • Athena818


    When I was diagnosed in 2018, my doctor explained to me that NVLD is as common as dyslexia yet often misdiagnosed as autism or ADHD. That can give people a good frame of reference, assuming they’re not ignorant. Otherwise: we have an uncommon neurotype that impacts our sensory profile. We may process emotions, sounds, etc. in atypical ways and by society’s choice or not, we’re not always accommodated. Therefore, having NVLD is a disability. Some people may be bigoted and act like we don’t belong, but neurodivergence gives our species a more diverse profile and so forth, more perspectives. So not only because we are people, we are an intentional demographic and we deserve equity.

  • Manatrix


    My psychologist said it this way: “You’re autistic—but not really; and have ADHD—but not really.” That’s been easiest. I also add to that my own comparison which is that the Venn diagram of the three looks like a stack of pancakes because there’s so much overlap, but that NVLD has some distinct markers compared to others.

    • Ash.G


      that is a good idea.

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