How long have you had Sceladerma?

Scleroderma (Crest Syndrome)

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  • witchynurse


    lol like 3 weeks. im terrified

  • Brizzard2027


    I’m new to this app.. I’ve had it for 3 years.

  • Sarahwags


    Hi. I just signed up for this app. My SSC symptoms started exactly a year ago and it has come on so strong and severe. I ended up misdiagnosed for almost a year, but just got diagnosed at Mayo over the holidays. I’m terrified. I’m a single mom of 3 with no family support. I am alone. And nobody in my life understands. I think they think I’m exaggerating since my face doesn’t have that look yet. It’s really lonely. I’d love to connect with any of you. I’m Sarah. I’m turning 50 next week (ugh) and I live in Chicago.

  • Brizzard2027


    Hi Sarah, do you have a doctor that you trust?

  • Its_me


    I was diagnosed with CREST Scleroderma about 16 months ago. Biggest issues is my GI track, Raynaud, and fatigue. I’m still scared at the diagnosis and the emotions.

  • Strong_selflove


    Since I was 12

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