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I was HIV+, I was educated on hiv but not completely, will there be any complications of the illness later in life, will I always be sick, or be conditioned to other illnesses?

    • Danips


      You can live a long healthy life, even with HIV. I’m 28 and was diagnosed when I was 20. How I keep my CD4 count up is through healthy dieting. Eating and drinking a lot of greens, fruits and other veggies. I have seen my CD4 go from being mid 400s to high 800/900 Always take your meds on time. Keep a tracker and a alarm to remind yourself when you’ve taken it. There’s an app I use called “Round “ that keeps track of when I take my doses. I use notes in my phone to also track if I have missed a dose and or double dosed. I feel like I’m at the point where if I take my meds, if I don’t track it right away I’ll literally forget if I have taken it or not which makes me double dose. Don’t take vitamins too close to when you take your dose, for they can keep the medicine from working how it’s suppose to work. That goes for beverages that have the same amount of vitamins in them too. Make sure all your partners are screened for STI/STDs and that you have partners that are taking measures to taking PREP. You want to stay safe from being transmitted any other STI and even HIV double infection. Most importantly you want to ensure they safety of your partners as well.

    • Methos


      I’m newly diagnosed myself — May 2021. I’m quasi-self-educated on HIV. As PLWH, we’re susceptible to opportunistic illnesses. Just make sure to take your meds consistently and “on time”, which is within 2 hours of your regularly scheduled time and that will help keep your CD4 up and your viral load down. Eating healthy is, also, highly recommended, as it strengthens your immune system, which is always active in order to fight the spread of the virus.

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