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I have struggled with hypoglycemia for years but it feels like it’s honestly getting harder to control. I’m at the point where I test my blood sugar probably 4 to 6 times a day and I’m eating every few hours to try to keep up with it. My lowest recent reading was 53 and I usually hang out between 70 and 90 often even after eating. Has anyone struggled with this? How do you navigate it?

    • mekkimakki


      So, my hypoglycemia is due to an underlying liver condition but my sugars fluctuate wildly if I don't treat them properly. The treatment I was given was specially to treat hypoglycemia due to GSD1a, but I feel like it could help anyone with hypoglycemia. It might sound gross or strange, but I drink 45 grams of raw Cornstarch (with water) every 4 hours. This regiment allows my sugars to maintain a healthy 90-100 range and not have any spikes or dips regardless of what I eat. Because the Cornstarch is a slow digesting carb, it carries sugars at a stable rate for longer times. I mean, sure, waking up at 4am to chug down a bit of drink is a bother, but it lets me rest easier knowing I'll wake up and not feel like trash when I have to wake up for the day. 😅

    • Lorelai


      Yes I’ve struggled with this. I have such a hard time with my blood sugar. I’m still struggling with this. The best thing I can do is eat in sort of a diabetic pattern so I never spike my blood sugar too much, but even if it’s high it rarely breaks 100. I feel you pain and I’m sorry.

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