Someone please give me some advice i’m
so clueless on what to do.

My boyfriend has recently had some
mental health issues come up, he hasn’t seen many doctors yet and hasn’t yet gotten a diagnosis but it is manifesting as textbook symptoms of schizophrenia.

He came to visit me yesterday. He fell asleep and his mom texted him to make sure he made it there safe so I went on his phone to answer and saw a weird text from one of his friends so i looked further. Basically he was saying he had this “ divine connection” with a coworker and that he was going to break up with me. For context we are a very serious long term couple and we have never had any issues.

When i confronted him about this he said he heard her talking about religion and felt like he was connected to her and had to learn something but he wasn’t attracted to her at all. (he has been having a lot of religious delusions) He said as soon as he got to my
place he knew he wasn’t going to break up with me and he never actually thought he would. He says this was 100% out of his control. he never got her number or anything.

How do I react? I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to break up with him
if it truly wasn’t his fault but i’m


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  • HarmonyLee


    Wow -- what a difficult situation! Thanks for your openness in sharing with us. First I would validate whatever you are feeling. Even if it's something that seems out of his control, the impact on you is hurtful. You can communicate that with him in a way that doesn't guilt trip him. The overlap of schizophrenia and eccentric religious beliefs is something with which I have a lot of personal experience. It can be challenging to navigate the gray areas. Definitely it's worth getting a diagnosis and treatment, therapy, medicine, etc. I wish you and your partner so well.

  • royalty


    This sounds exactly like what my boyfriend's parents are going through right now. Except it's seriously ruining their relationship because my bf's dad made his wife feel like a third wheel in her own marriage. If he genuinely isn't going to do anything, then I'd say leave it be and let it turn into something to look back on and laugh at.

  • ZadBee


    Tbh ask him if he (for your relationship) can go with you to see a therapist or even see one on his own! He might just be having delusions? Which sometime just happen I guess… I kinda have them too so I feel :( Can’t control when your brains wonky but i hope things work out!

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