I feel like no matter how much vitamin d supplements I take I'm always crazy low. when I get my labs done my vitamin d is usually at 13 to 10 and I'm constantly told I need to be at least in the mid 30s. I take it as prescribed everyday and I'm still low after about 6 years of this :(

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  • Joelle


    I am the same way. I've had vitamin d deficiency since 2015, every time I get blood work it's either in the low 30s or high 20s it's very frustrating, especially when people tell you you just need to go outside more

  • Hopeangel


    Definitely, and even though I take meds nothing seems to help!

  • zonezero


    same! been taking 5000 units vitamin d daily for ~5 years and i’m still extremely low

  • jdubz


    i’ve had such a struggle with my vitamin d deficiency!! my doc would tell me to take a certain dose for 6 months then repeat labs and it would be in the 20s and my doc would cut my dose in half???? we did that dance several times where i’d be low, they’d increase my dose, check my labs in 6 months, labs increased but still weren’t in the normal range, doc told me to cut my dose, check labs again in 6 months and what do ya know my vitamin d plummeted, so then we increased again and the cycle continues. it got to the point that i no longer listen to my doc about my vitamin d supplements. i’ve been taking them since about 2016. my level was at 36 in 2018 and my doc wanted me to completely stop the supplements but i continued taking 6000 IU daily, and as of dec 2021 it’s only 35. it’s absolutely bonkers.

  • Katylin


    has ur doctor ever prescribed vitamin D supplements that you get at the pharmacy? they make 50000 capsules/tablets that u take once weekly

  • ToastyToast


    I was given the choice of either 50000 units a week or 1000 units a day. I chose 1000 units a day so I could have gummy vitamins for it. My levels were 33.4 if I remember correctly... The paperwork said 30 is the lowest that's okay, my doctor just didn't like it to be that close to 30.

  • mooncoconut


    Maybe you have celiac or other absorption issues

  • Devana13


    I have IBS and have been vitamin d deficient for almost just as long. I'm on 50,000 IU once a week plus 5,000 daily during weeks when I'm sick with the flu for an extra boost and my levels for the past 3 years have always been the same range of 6-14. My doctor said lactose intolerant people also have some lower levels due to not being able to eat dairy and dairy being a big source of vitamin d in food aside from fish and eggs. Aside from IBS I am also lactose intolerant lol so if you have digestive issues too the struggle with absorbing vitamin d will be real for awhile!

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