Posts on Alike for August 2022

  1. Finding Support in Illness Coping
  2. Bilateral Cervical Stenosis and Epidural Injection
  3. Looking for advice on bowel endometriosis diagnosis
  4. Looking for advice on Cymbalta for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain
  5. Dating with Bipolar Disorder: How to Navigate the Unknown
  6. Electrolyte/Hydration Powders for Fibro and Migraines?
  7. Dealing with Flashbacks in Public
  8. Opinions on Midodrine?
  9. Increased ca125 levels after hysterectomy and treatment
  10. 15 Years with ADHD: My Journey to Finding the Right Treatment
  11. Relief for Hyatal Hernia Pain?
  12. Constant Burning and Tingling in Legs with Severe Pain While Walking
  13. Severe Foot Pain - Is it Plantar Fasciitis?
  14. Balancing Medications with ADHD Traits
  15. Struggling to Find Work as an Agoraphobe
  16. Looking for Advice on Possible Chiari Malformation
  17. Has anyone had a Spinal Stimulator installed?
  18. Coping with splitting in BPD: Need advice
  19. Dealing with IBS Symptoms After Gall Bladder Removal
  20. Finding the Right Mix for My Psych Meds
  21. Starting EMDR Therapy Soon
  22. Struggling to Maintain a Job with Health Issues
  23. Advice on getting a POTS diagnosis
  24. IBS and UTIs: Anyone Else Suffering from Both?
  25. Connecting with fellow overthinkers and rumination experts
  26. Need advice on PCOS and Ancothosis Nigricans
  27. Flashbacks to Dreams: Anyone Else?
  28. Medication causing bad dreams?
  29. Managing POTS on bad days: Tips and tricks
  30. Sertraline Withdrawal - Feeling Weird
  31. Feeling Tired and Down Lately
  32. When to go to the hospital during a flare-up?
  33. Memory Decline: Anxiety or Medication?
  34. Has smoking helped you guys?
  35. Looking for ADHD Support
  36. Abilify for Mania in MDD
  37. Asking for a Cushing's Test: Is it Appropriate?
  38. Tips for Adrenal Fatigue?
  39. Can ADHD Medications Cause Jittery and Overly Hyper Feelings?
  40. Looking for Crohn's treatment advice
  41. Struggling with Mental Health Alone
  42. My ADHD Diagnosis and Hope for Medication
  43. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Emotional Support
  44. Wellbutrin causing sadness?
  45. Caretaker of a Stroke Survivor Seeking Support and Advice
  46. Struggling with Weight Loss Due to Chronic Pain
  47. Dealing with High Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  48. Coming off Lamotrigine: Concerns and Questions
  49. Dizzy and Disoriented: Diabetes Symptoms?
  50. Shoe Recommendations for High Arches and Plantar Fasciitis
  51. Struggling with Reading, Need Suggestions
  52. Looking for Free Therapy Apps
  53. Finding Myself: The Struggle of Self-Discovery
  54. Dealing with Panic Attacks and Psychosis
  55. Need advice on transitioning from service dog to wheelchair
  56. Struggling with Medication Switch
  57. Dealing with Medication Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  58. Managing PCOS Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  59. Living with Autism, Anxiety, and Depression
  60. Dealing with Chronic Insomnia
  61. Living with Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  62. How to Identify Brain Fog?
  63. My Battle with Lyme Disease: A Story of Misdiagnosis and Hope
  64. Finding a Therapist as a Nonbinary Person
  65. My Journey with Bipolar Disorder and ADHD
  66. Has anyone tried Kratom for pain relief?
  67. How to Stop Chewing Your Lips and Cheeks?
  68. Looking for Therapy: Where Do I Begin?
  69. Struggling with Anxiety and Loss of Appetite
  70. My Autism Diagnosis: A Journey of Self-Discovery
  71. Silence as Rejection: Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?
  72. The Relief of a Bipolar Diagnosis
  73. Scared to go to the Gyno after Ovarian Cyst Burst
  74. Concerned about Omeprazole side effects
  75. Dizziness in Hot Showers
  76. Trying Anti-Anxiety Meds: My Experience So Far
  77. Managing HS in the summer: tips?
  78. Looking for advice on getting a pump for diabetes management
  79. Struggling with Mental Health
  80. Diagnosed with ARFID, Need Advice
  81. Dealing with Anxiety Symptoms: Heart Attacks and Needle Prick Sensations
  82. Struggling with Anxiety and Coping Skills
  83. Feeling Alone Even When Surrounded by Loved Ones
  84. Increased Antidepressant Dose and Panic Attacks
  85. New to Heart Health Community - Seeking Feedback
  86. Extreme pain in my toes, need advice!
  87. Struggling to Eat Healthy with Low Energy
  88. Anxiety Medication Stopped Working After Zyprexa Use
  89. Struggling with Morning Fatigue
  90. Struggling with Mental Health and Processing Issues
  91. Fractured Foot Not Healing Properly
  92. Clothes and Irritability with Bipolar Disorder
  93. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Seeking Support
  94. Chronic Arthritis in Both Knees: Seeking Advice
  95. Chronic Upper Back Pain - Seeking Help and Answers
  96. My Epilepsy Disclosure on a Date
  97. Looking for Support and Advice on Managing Stress and Depression
  98. Breathlessness on Stairs: Anxiety or Medical Issue?
  99. Upper Right Side Belly Bloating and Nausea After Eating
  100. Living with COPD: Seeking Support
  101. Dealing with Isolation: Tips and Tricks
  102. Duration and Dosage of Adderall XR 30mg
  103. High and Low Blood Sugars: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  104. Need help managing anxiety during marching band practice
  105. Living with Visual Snow Syndrome: Does it Lead to Blindness or Death?
  106. How has Covid impacted your health?
  107. When to Wear Braces for Sublexes?
  108. Struggling to Connect with Others with Similar Conditions
  109. How to Boost Your Libido While on SSRIs?
  110. Can One Person Have Multiple Mental Disorders?
  111. Struggling with Health Anxiety
  112. Need advice on endometriosis treatment
  113. Tips for Handling PMDD in College
  114. New here, struggling with anxiety and depression
  115. Unemployed and Struggling with Mental Health
  116. Dealing with Urethra Pain and Burning After Peeing
  117. Growing and Advancing with ADD: Tips and Strategies
  118. Anxiety worsening before surgery
  119. Need Help with Eating Disorder and Depression during Quarantine
  120. Forgot to Take My Meds: What Now?
  121. Struggling with Hashimoto's and Weight Management
  122. Advice on Coping with Counting OCD
  123. Living with Chronic Illness: The Struggle of Taking Medications
  124. Coping with Chronic Pain at Work
  125. Tips for Making Friends as an Autistic Adult
  126. Dealing with Anxiety in Public Places
  127. Connecting with Others Living with CP
  128. Managing Fatigue and Menstrual Cramps with Fibromyalgia
  129. Comparing Lupron and Orilissa for Endometriosis Treatment
  130. Do I Need Anxiety Meds? How to Know?
  131. Coping with Anxiety and Asthma: Seeking Advice
  132. My Journey to an EDS Diagnosis: Relief and Sadness
  133. Seeking Advice on Fixations with ASD or OCD
  134. How to Get an Autism Diagnosis?
  135. Tips for Remembering to Take Medication and Supplements
  136. Did I Just Hear Something?
  137. Feeling Tired and Overwhelmed: Need Advice
  138. Unintentional Anxiety Attacks: Anyone Else?
  139. Coping with Daily Fatigue from Mental and Chronic Illness
  140. Exploring Alternatives to ADHD Medication
  141. Struggling with Sleeping and Nightmares
  142. Struggling with Slow Processing Speed
  143. Throwing up from anxiety
  144. SIBO Diagnosis and Pain in Right Side
  145. Dealing with High Stress and Anxiety
  146. Trying an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for HS Pain Relief
  147. Concerning Stool Sample Results: Pancreatic Elastase
  148. Struggling with Emotional Eating and Weight Loss
  149. Do I have Autism? Seeking advice
  150. Can't Sleep, Need Tips!
  151. Tips for Managing Anxiety
  152. Levothyroxine for Weight Loss: Does it Work?
  153. Approaching My Parents About My Self-Diagnosed Autism
  154. Coping with Anxiety and Depression: Share Your Remedies
  155. Tips for Managing POTS and Epilepsy?
  156. Considering a Mobility Aid: Seeking Advice and Stories
  157. Insurance coverage for wheelchairs
  158. Using THC Edibles for Sleep: My Experience
  159. Can I Take CBD While on Antidepressants/Anxiety Medication?
  160. Dealing with Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder After Moving to a New State
  161. Looking for Home Remedies for Migraine
  162. Struggling to Sleep Due to Anxiety
  163. ADHD and Sensory Tics: Anyone Else Experience This?
  164. Dealing with Long Covid Symptoms
  165. Working Out with Fibromyalgia: Tips for Beginners
  166. Struggling with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  167. Dealing with Weight Fluctuations and Abdominal Pain from Endometriosis/Adenomyos…
  168. Relating to BPD Symptoms but Not Diagnosed
  169. Waking up with anxiety
  170. Active 59-year-old seeking like-minded individuals
  171. Need help with standing up after being bed bound for a year
  172. Denied Disability, Now What?
  173. My Rheumatologist Appointment Got Cancelled Again
  174. Bright flashes when running or jumping
  175. Struggling to communicate when distressed
  176. Waking up feeling like I've been hit by a train
  177. Severe Stomach Pain After Eating, Need Help!
  178. Uncommon Side Effects of Lexapro
  179. Looking for a Good Cane to Help with Chronic Pain
  180. Dealing with Unexpected Anxiety After Graduation
  181. Trying to Clear Up My BV: Should I Try Boric Acid?
  182. Starting Zoloft: Any Side Effects to Watch Out For?
  183. Struggling with Depression: Need Coping Tips
  184. How to Stop Being Dependent and Obsessive Over Someone with BPD?
  185. Preventative Medication vs. As-Needed Medication
  186. Looking for experiences with Zoloft
  187. Nebulizer and Inhaler Not Working for Asthma Attacks
  188. Worst Place for a Breakout?
  189. Trying out this app to connect with others who understand
  190. Anxious about getting COVID booster shot for me and my kid
  191. Headaches after starting Lexapro
  192. Dealing with Fibroids: Seeking Alternatives to Birth Control and Hysterectomy
  193. Scared to Take Abilify: Need Advice
  194. Tips for Managing Illnesses without Medication
  195. Tips for Coping with Panic Attacks
  196. Navigating the Workplace as an Undiagnosed Autistic Adult
  197. How to explain my depression to my mom?
  198. Severe Migraines: Dizziness, Light and Noise Sensitivity
  199. Sharing Experiences in Suicide Intervention Training
  200. Dealing with Neuropathy and Pinched Nerves for 2.5 Years
  201. Nightmares on Citalopram
  202. Dating with Autism: Seeking Advice
  203. Random Pre Syncope Episode - Need Advice
  204. Looking for others with non-epileptic seizures
  205. Hunger or Nausea?
  206. Constant Repeating of Words in My Head - Echolalia?
  207. Trying Herbal Remedies for Fatigue and Malaise Symptoms
  208. EDS Flare and Mental Symptoms
  209. My Journey to Health: Overcoming Chronic Inflammatory Illness
  210. No Cramp Periods: Normal or Not?
  211. Surviving Suicide: My Journey to Better Mental Health
  212. Heart Flutters: Should I Be Worried?
  213. Struggling with Anxiety and ADHD
  214. Understanding the Effects of BP 2
  215. New to the App, Possibly Autistic and Using Cannabis
  216. Fibromyalgia Pain Behind Left Knee for Months - Normal?
  217. New ADHD diagnosis, seeking advice
  218. Dealing with Anxiety as an Adult: Tips and Tricks
  219. Fluctuating Moods: Am I Really Bipolar?
  220. Fell and Can't Remember - Is This Normal?
  221. Finding Myself Again After Masking My Whole Life
  222. Dealing with Brain Zaps After Tapering Off Lexapro
  223. Spinal Fusion Recovery Advice Needed
  224. Dealing with Stress and Mental Illness
  225. Struggling to get a Tourettes diagnosis without health insurance
  226. Moving into a new place and feeling sick all day?
  227. ADHD and Cleaning: Can Anyone Relate?
  228. Struggling to Hold a Job - What Should I Do?
  229. Need advice on getting a POTS diagnosis
  230. Struggling with Pain Management as a Stay-at-Home Mom
  231. Looking for Coffee Alternatives with Less Caffeine
  232. Need Help with Hallucinations
  233. Struggling with ADHD and Cleaning - Need Feedback and Motivation
  234. Looking for Recommendations on Vitamins for Depression, Fatigue, and Pain
  235. Burning Sensation and Discomfort in Urethra: Need Help!
  236. Dealing with Unexplained Anxiety Attacks
  237. Am I Bipolar? Short Upbeat Episodes and Long Depressive States
  238. Struggling to Understand My Mental Health
  239. Exploring Options for Lower Back Surgery
  240. Fainting Spells or Seizures? Need Advice
  241. Nervous About Seeing a New Rheumatologist Tomorrow
  242. Struggling with Insomnia and Melatonin
  243. Dealing with Migraines: Tips and Tricks
  244. Do I Have HPV If I Have No Symptoms?
  245. Navigating Dating Apps with ADHD
  246. Methaltexate for Widespread Pain
  247. Imposter Syndrome and Mobility Aids
  248. ASD Testing as an Adult: What to Expect?
  249. Struggling to Get Out of Bed in the Morning
  250. Looking for ME/CFS symptom relief
  251. Infection after Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Do?
  252. Feeling Too Young for Type 2 Diabetes
  253. Dealing with Anxiety in New Situations
  254. Need help with distractions while cutting back on weed
  255. Overcoming Depression: My Journey to Happiness
  256. Is Medication Worth It? Concerns and Questions
  257. Struggling with Anxiety: How Can I Feel Better?
  258. Feeling off after starting Lexapro
  259. Experiencing Visual Hallucinations, Should I Be Worried?
  260. Strategies for Dealing with Overstimulation
  261. Need advice on Chiari Type 1 Malformation surgery
  262. Clear discharge after bowel movement - hemorrhoids?
  263. Struggling with Weight Loss
  264. Random Itching with Fibromyalgia
  265. Tips for advocating during Autism assessment journey
  266. Dealing with Post Concussive Headaches
  267. Heavy feeling in uterus with Adenomyosis and Endometriosis
  268. Natural Ways to Calm My Anxious Mind
  269. Seeking Advice on a Medical Procedure
  270. Looking for experiences with fluoxetine for anxiety
  271. Looking for Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  272. Struggling with Anxiety Treatment: Need Encouragement
  273. Managing Bipolar: Work and Routine
  274. A Scary Night at Work: My Medical Emergency
  275. Dealing with Heavy and Painful Periods: Seeking Advice
  276. Looking for Fibromyalgia pain relief
  277. Increased Lamictal dose causing fatigue and mood changes
  278. Accepting My Mental Health Issues
  279. Tips for managing weight gain and fatigue with PCOS?
  280. Long-term COVID-19 symptoms
  281. Hand Pain and Burning Palms
  282. Heat and POTS: Can it cause flare-ups?
  283. Seraquel 25mg - Anyone have experience?
  284. Exhausted after sensory overload - anyone else?
  285. Looking for Non-Coffee Caffeine Sources for ADHD
  286. Need advice on EDS hypermobile diagnosis
  287. Can I Join the MaDD Community Even If I Don't Have It?
  288. Dealing with Anxiety and Patience at the Doctor's Office
  289. Experiences with DEPO Provera Shot?
  290. How to Cope with the End of Summer Happiness?
  291. Need tips on losing weight?
  292. Seeking Advice on Stem Cell Transplant and Hematologists in Florida
  293. Could I be on the Autism Spectrum?
  294. Should I be upset at my friend for outing my mental health struggles?
  295. Recommendations for Medical Marijuana Use for CPTSD, Insomnia, and Chronic Pain
  296. Managing Medication Side Effects: Overheating and Sweating
  297. Feeling Sad on My Birthday
  298. Persistent Hives: Could it be Lupus?
  299. How Do You Cope with Pain?
  300. Natural remedies for managing PCOS
  301. Looking for advice on getting a gastric pacemaker
  302. Looking for advice on ADHD medication
  303. Feeling Overwhelmed: Need Encouragement
  304. Dealing with ITP and Bruising: Tips Needed
  305. Overcoming Negative Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  306. Realizing the Depth of My Anxiety
  307. Struggling to Date with Depression
  308. Making Positive Changes for My Mental Health
  309. Looking for Comfortable Ankle and Knee Braces
  310. Struggling to Sleep Due to Sinuses, Asthma, and Anxiety
  311. Dealing with Breast Lump Anxiety
  312. Feeling Disconnected from My Body
  313. Dealing with Irregular Periods and Medication Restrictions
  314. Drowning in Depression: Anyone Else?
  315. Need Friends to Help with Panic Attacks
  316. Hair falling out after prednisone and inflectra
  317. New to the Group, Seeking Advice for GI Issues
  318. Dealing with Constant Fatigue
  319. What's Your Biggest Struggle?
  320. Living with Chronic Anxiety as a Parent
  321. Struggling with Cleaning and Organizing Due to Mental Health?
  322. When to Get Checked for PMDD?
  323. Recovering Memory After Seizure: Any Tips?
  324. Exploring the Impact of Depression on Relationships
  325. Dealing with PTSD and Depression: Need Advice
  326. Transitioning with Autism: Feeling Alone?
  327. Trouble Sleeping and Racing Thoughts
  328. Celebrating 3 Months Seizure-Free After PNES Diagnosis
  329. Best Hairstyles for Migraine Sufferers with Long Hair
  330. Smiling at Inappropriate Times
  331. Diagnosis Timeline: Bipolar, BPD, Autism/ADHD
  332. Excessive Sweating and Dry Mouth from Zoloft Increase?
  333. Dizzy Spells After Quitting Caffeine
  334. How to Help a Loved One with Schizophrenia Who Won't Talk About It?
  335. Recovering from a Gluten Bing
  336. Share your ADHD diagnosis experience
  337. Living with ADHD and BPD: Is a Normal Life Possible?
  338. Dealing with Alcohol-Induced Acid Reflux
  339. Newbie looking for weight loss tips
  340. Wheezing with a Chest Cold: Should I Be Worried?
  341. How Can I Improve My Diet?
  342. Hyper realistic dreams and nightmares from a young age
  343. Conflicted about my Autism Diagnosis
  344. Stimulant meds feeling like sedatives?
  345. Questioning My Mental Health Diagnoses
  346. Need advice on IBS symptoms
  347. Zoloft causing depression? Need advice!
  348. Looking for Advice on Stopping Lupus Damage
  349. Managing Crohn's with a Full-Time Job: Tips and Advice
  350. How to Calm Down from Legitimate Anxieties?
  351. How to Avoid a Mental Breakdown: Tips and Tricks
  352. Struggling with Sleep: Seeking Advice
  353. Constant Fatigue with Dysautonomia: Is it Normal?
  354. Looking for Alternative Methods to Deal with Psychosis
  355. Feeling Low After a Boost of Serotonin/Dopamine?
  356. Anxiety and Gag Reflex: Anyone Else?
  357. Experiencing Ocular Migraines Without Headache Pain
  358. Struggling with Anxiety Medication? Consider Fluvoxamine (Luvox)
  359. Seroquel Increase Messed Up My Sleep Schedule
  360. Tips for Better Sleep with ADD
  361. Struggling to be Honest with Doctors About Mental Health
  362. Struggling with Food Choices
  363. Finally got the right anxiety medication
  364. Rising Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies and Hair Loss
  365. COVID Anxiety: Is it Fibromyalgia or Something Else?
  366. Dealing with Sensory Overload in Public Places
  367. What are your go-to comfort foods?
  368. Tips for dealing with excessive sleep
  369. Introduction and Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  370. Looking for Support with Seizure Surgery
  371. Nicotine and Schizophrenia: Does it Help?
  372. Living with Daily Anxiety: Is it Possible to Thrive?
  373. Living with Emery Driefuss Muscular Dystrophy
  374. Introducing Myself: Transmasc Non-Binary Person on a Journey of Self-Discovery
  375. Struggling with Math: Could it be Dyscalculia?
  376. How to talk to my therapist about my mental health and stimming habits?
  377. Looking for someone with Ehlers-danlos syndrome to talk to
  378. Adjusting to a Gastroparesis Diagnosis
  379. Questioning My Gender Identity
  380. Tourette's and Selective Mutism: Do Vocal Tics Stop When Mute?
  381. My Recent Diagnosis: Autism, ADHD, OCD, and More
  382. Tips for Managing Severe Anxiety
  383. Struggling with Bipolar and Religion
  384. Looking for a Friend to Share Struggles with Mental Health
  385. Digestive Problems with Long COVID
  386. Managing Depression and Socializing: Need Advice
  387. Desperate for Relief from Chronic Headaches
  388. Struggling with Codependency to Calm My Anxiety
  389. Dealing with Anxiety: The Struggle is Real
  390. Dealing with Severe Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  391. Natural remedies for better sleep?
  392. Struggling with Relapse Thoughts After 6 Years Clean
  393. Struggling with OCD and ED: Need Help with Healthy Eating Habits
  394. Educating my boyfriend on Autism
  395. Dealing with Music Withdrawals
  396. Constant Muscle Cramps - Seeking Advice
  397. First Time on Anti-Anxiety/Depression Meds
  398. The Jitters and Dizziness of Caffeine
  399. Managing Major Depressive Disorder, GAD, IBS, and GERD
  400. Overheating at Work: Is it Normal?
  401. Question for those with mental health diagnoses
  402. Dealing with Joint Dislocations: How Do You Cope?
  403. Left my medication at home, need advice
  404. Starting Wellbutrin XL: What to Expect?
  405. Worsening Dysautonomia Symptoms: Seeking Answers
  406. PCOS, Anxiety, and Depression: Anyone Else Struggling?
  407. LDN Treatment: Nighttime Wakings
  408. Struggling with Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss
  409. Upper Abdominal Pain on Right Side - Fibromyalgia?
  410. Helping a Distraught Man in Need
  411. Unsatisfied Hunger: Anyone Else?
  412. Wondering if I have autism
  413. Asking My Doctor About Endometriosis
  414. Anyone else experience severe PMS symptoms?
  415. Seeking Advice on Caudal Injection for Back Pain
  416. Looking for Endometriosis Treatment Options
  417. Opinions on ADD Medication and Stimulants
  418. Zoloft to Prozac switch - need advice
  419. Constant Lower Abdominal Pains and Diarrhea for Years
  420. Struggling with Gastroparesis: Need Help Regaining Appetite
  421. Managing Hand Tremors with Anxiety
  422. Struggling with Social Anxiety and Self-Centeredness in Conversations
  423. Reducing Inflammation with Autoimmune Diseases
  424. Struggling to Sleep: Any Tips?
  425. Need snack ideas during Crohn's flare
  426. Anxiety Symptoms: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  427. Struggling with Asthma at Night
  428. Struggling to Stay Awake During the Day
  429. Ketamine Infusion: What Are Your Thoughts?
  430. How can I overcome my anxiety about sleeping in a bed?
  431. Need Help Identifying My Symptoms
  432. Colposcopy Pain: Is it Normal?
  433. Learning to Live with Thyroid Issues
  434. Starting a Podcast on Disability Advocacy
  435. UTI-like symptoms during period, normal?
  436. My life-changing experience with Adderall for ADHD
  437. Dealing with Hypothyroidism: My Journey So Far
  438. Fibromyalgia Pain Points: What Affects You the Most?
  439. Dealing with PMS Mood Swings
  440. Suffocating Dreams: Any Advice?
  441. Worried About My Colonoscopy Results
  442. Managing Thoughts and Tasks with a Chaotic Mind
  443. Adderall XR and POTS: Unexpected Results
  444. Worried About My Future with Beta Thalassemia: Need Help with Healthcare Options
  445. How to Handle a Loved One's Mental Health Episode
  446. Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Pain
  447. Why Am I Always Tired No Matter What?
  448. Tremors After Med Change: Any Advice?
  449. New to the group and looking for advice on Savella for fibromyalgia
  450. Accidentally Consumed 65 Carbs with No Insulin: T1D Humor
  451. Hospital Visit and Positive Changes
  452. Zoloft Withdrawal: Coping with Brain Zaps
  453. Advice on Lexapro and PCOS Symptoms
  454. Questioning the Need for Thyroid Medication
  455. Vaping on ADHD Medication: A Spicy Experience
  456. Expertise in Lyme Disease and Natural Treatments
  457. Dexcom G6 and T:Slim X2 Pump: Tips for a Newbie
  458. Feeling Down and Worried: What Can I Do?
  459. Share Your Experience: Medication That Didn't Work
  460. Possible ASD Symptoms - Seeking Diagnosis
  461. New here, struggling with sudden depression and anxiety
  462. Tips for Asking for a Wheelchair Prescription with EDS and POTS
  463. Dealing with Anxiety and OCD
  464. Struggling with Reality Perception
  465. Possible Bipolar I with Psychotic Symptoms
  466. Mental Health and Work: A Personal Struggle
  467. Dealing with Chronic Pain: What to Do When Meds Don't Work?
  468. Contemplating Antidepressants: Share Your Experience
  469. My First Dentist Appointment in Four Years
  470. Dating with Mental Illness: How to Help Your Partner Understand
  471. Seeking Connection with Others Who Understand Chronic Illness
  472. Natural Ways to Fall Asleep: Tips for Autistic Individuals with ADHD
  473. Struggling with OCD and Fibromyalgia
  474. Balancing Exercise and Eating Disorder Recovery
  475. Emotionally Numb with Mom in Hospital
  476. Protein in Kidneys: Seeking Advice
  477. Newly Divorced and Struggling with Anxiety: Taking it One Day at a Time
  478. Living with CHF and Autoimmune Diseases
  479. Tips for Applying for Disability
  480. Struggling with a new diagnosis
  481. Are Your IBS Symptoms Getting Worse?
  482. Mornings with Anxiety: Parenting Edition
  483. Struggling to Sit Still: Advice Needed
  484. Dealing with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  485. Dealing with Myoclonic Seizures: Understanding Auras
  486. Dealing with Cirrhosis: Seeking Advice and Support
  487. Looking for Friends Dealing with Obesity
  488. Struggling with a Mixed Episode
  489. Discovering the Root Cause of Chronic Illness
  490. Dealing with Agoraphobia: Seeking Advice
  491. Need help with scalp rashes
  492. Finding Support for Chronic Conditions as a Parent
  493. How to Stay Focused While Working from Home
  494. Recommendations for tasty electrolyte powder for POTS?
  495. Combining Lyrica and Antidepressants for Fibromyalgia: Experiences?
  496. Avoiding Places Due to Panic Attacks
  497. Advice for Chronic Back Pain
  498. Do you feel the need to finish your food?
  499. Looking for advice on new medication
  500. Dealing with Mood Swings Caused by Pain
  501. Need help with fatigue remedy for college life
  502. Hypermobile EDS of the Bladder: Seeking Advice
  503. Dealing with the Progression of My Chronic Illness
  504. Looking for Effective Anxiety Medication
  505. Offering Help and Coping Skills for Depression and PTSD
  506. Introduction and Hope for Friendship
  507. Dupixent Side Effects - Joint Pain and Injection Anxiety
  508. Struggling to Find the Right Diet for My Conditions
  509. Afraid of the Stigma: Seeking a Diagnosis for My Anxiety and OSDD
  510. Struggling with Social Anxiety: Need Help Asking for Help
  511. Hormonal Birth Control and My Mental Health
  512. Natural Endometriosis Symptom Management Tips Needed
  513. Mentioning Chronic Illness to New People: How Do You Do It?
  514. Tips for Staying Hydrated
  515. Singer with Acid Reflux Losing Voice - Need Help!
  516. Melatonin not working for me, any suggestions?
  517. Schizophrenia and Violence: Can Self-Harm or Harm to Others Indicate the Conditi…
  518. Vascular EDS Variant of Unknown Significance: Seeking Advice
  519. Struggling with Type 1 Diabetes
  520. Scared for my Drs appointment
  521. Looking for Neuropathy Treatment Advice
  522. Looking for alternative Crohn's Disease medication
  523. Struggling with Overeating at Night
  524. Managing Work During Period Week
  525. Waking Up Anxious: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  526. Managing BPD Episodes: Controlling Your Mouth
  527. Talking about Health Struggles with a Romantic Interest
  528. Dealing with Thought Loops and Obsessive Thoughts
  529. Feeling Burnt Out at Work: Need Advice
  530. Feeling Alone with Lupus: Seeking Support
  531. Need advice for Ehlers Danslos and joint problems
  532. Tips to Stop Anxious Finger Picking?
  533. Struggling to Identify My Manic Episodes
  534. Can't Stand the Sound of Gardeners and Vacuum Cleaners
  535. Struggling with Skin Picking Habits
  536. Questions about Hashimotos and Inflammation, Diet, and Mental Health
  537. Dealing with Horrible Migraines: Any Tips?
  538. Managing Dysautonomia Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  539. Struggling with the Overlap Between ADHD and Autism
  540. Help! I can't control my gas
  541. The Connection Between Food and Anxiety
  542. Heart Palpitations When Lying Down
  543. I Lost My Anal Virginity and Now I Have IBS Symptoms
  544. Tips for Talking to a Doctor About Suspicious Symptoms
  545. Received my medical box today!
  546. Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure
  547. Zoloft causing sleep and appetite issues
  548. Living with GERD: Worries and Struggles
  549. Coping with Bad Days: Tips and Tricks
  550. Physical Symptoms of Anxiety: What Are Yours?
  551. Do OCD and ADHD Share Symptoms?
  552. Sharing My Positive Pregnancy News
  553. Home Remedies for Upset Stomach from Salt Increase?
  554. Worrying About Being Lazy Because of Fibromyalgia
  555. Switching from Trazodone to Remeron for Sleep
  556. Dealing with Physical Symptoms of Anxiety
  557. Managing Fibromyalgia Pain: Seeking Advice
  558. Struggling with PCOS, Diabetes, and IBS: Need Help with Food
  559. Anxiety and Menstruation: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  560. What are nightmares like for you?
  561. Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism: Seeking Support
  562. Confused about my diagnosis
  563. Feeling Disconnected: Is It Normal?
  564. Tips for Getting Back on a Sleep Schedule
  565. Weakness in Arm: Anyone Else Experience This?
  566. Feeling like everyone else is an NPC in my world
  567. Always Hungry: Can't Stop Eating
  568. New to the app, struggling with IBS and weight loss
  569. Looking for PCOS treatment advice
  570. Alprazolam: Experiences and Side Effects
  571. Dealing with Flares of Interstitial Cystitis
  572. Advice for Panic Attacks Due to Common Triggers?
  573. Struggling to Explain Why I Think I'm Autistic to My Doctor
  574. Dealing with EDS and daily subluxations
  575. Getting Tested for Autism as an Adult
  576. Prozac for Major Depressive Disorder: Experiences?
  577. Need help with hypoglycemia diagnosis
  578. Difficulty getting prescribed pain medication
  579. Feeling Anxious at School Orientation
  580. Waiting for SLE Lupus Blood Test Results
  581. Need to Talk but Can't?
  582. Struggling with Mental Health and No Insurance
  583. Migraine sufferers, do you experience worsened pain with coughing or bending dow…
  584. Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, EDS, and POTS
  585. Struggling with Knee Pain: Seeking Advice from Arthritis Patients
  586. Getting Tested for Autism: What to Expect?
  587. Struggling with Chronic Illness and Loneliness
  588. Seeking Advice on Ketamine Therapy
  589. Struggling with Weight Loss and Emotional Eating
  590. ARFID and Wedding Planning: Help!
  591. Finding the Right Meds for My Mental Health
  592. Need Help with Hip Stability
  593. Asking about Chiari Malformation symptoms
  594. Looking for ADHD Treatment Advice
  595. Struggling with Sleep Anxiety
  596. Dealing with Agoraphobia: My Struggle to Leave the House
  597. Looking for Relief from Guillain Barrie Syndrome Symptoms
  598. Need advice on pain management
  599. Long Showers and Phone Addiction
  600. Managing Dysautonomia Symptoms in School Sports
  601. Introducing Myself and Asking What Brought You Here
  602. Connecting Depression and Tiredness
  603. Schizophrenia and Drug Addiction: Can Getting Clean Make It Go Away?
  604. Negative Emotional Effects of Hormonal Birth Control
  605. Managing My Health in College
  606. Weird Appetite Changes - Is it POTS?
  607. Experiencing Dizziness During Waking Hours
  608. Is Excision Surgery the Best Option for Endometriosis?
  609. What Are Your Anxiety Symptoms?
  610. Constant Headaches at 22
  611. Getting ADHD Medication via Telehealth
  612. Why are people with ADHD hesitant to take stimulants?
  613. Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis Without Medication
  614. Struggling with Anxiety and Overthinking
  615. Tips for Dealing with ADHD in College
  616. Struggling with Chronic Pain at Home
  617. Sketching with ADHD: A Personal Journey
  618. Need advice for endometriosis pain relief
  619. Vomiting after MALS surgery
  620. Struggling with Body Image and Weight
  621. Opinions on Prozac prescription?
  622. How to Break Bad Habits?
  623. Feeling like a burden
  624. Struggling with Hemorrhoids and Fissure for Two Weeks
  625. New to the App and Looking for Support with Mental Health
  626. Can PCOS Cause Ovarian Cysts?
  627. Dealing with Kyphosis in EDS: Physical Therapy Experiences?
  628. Coping with Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  629. Applying for Social Security Disability with POTS
  630. Fidgeting at Work without Medication
  631. Color by Number App: My ADHD Therapy
  632. Non-stimulant ADHD treatment options?
  633. How Long Does It Take to Start Doing Normal Hygienic Stuff?
  634. How to Confirm if You Have Autism?
  635. What Diet Should I Follow to Lose Weight with PCOS?
  636. Struggling with Loneliness and Sadness
  637. Needle Piercing Feelings All Over My Body
  638. Struggling with Anxiety and Eating
  639. Feeling like I'm about to cry but can't
  640. When to Disclose Mental Health Issues in a New Relationship?
  641. Struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, and Bipolar Diagnosis
  642. Struggling with ADHD: Tips for Staying Focused
  643. Looking for advice on switching antidepressants
  644. Late Diagnosis of Autism
  645. How I Lowered My Blood Pressure with Meditation and Tai Chi
  646. How to Stop Being Negative and Be More Positive?
  647. Winter Blues: Does the Cold Weather Affect Your Mood?
  648. Signs of ADHD in Children: What to Look Out For
  649. Share Your Experience with Anti-Depressants
  650. Making Friends with Mental Illness: A Struggle for pwBPD
  651. Is anxiety ever going to go away?
  652. Skin Conditions After Diagnosis
  653. Dealing with Exhaustion After Anxiety Attacks
  654. Dealing with Irritability: Seeking Advice
  655. Constant Guilt with Anxiety
  656. First Time Seeing a Psychiatrist for ADHD & Anxiety
  657. Swallowing Difficulty and Heart Rate Drop
  658. Coughing fits after drinking water
  659. Looking for Someone with Bipolar Disorder 1
  660. Struggling with Perfectionism and Anxiety
  661. Struggling with Social Anxiety and Alcohol in AA Meetings
  662. Looking for someone who understands my struggles with mental health
  663. Living in my car for three days
  664. Dealing with IBS and Possible Celiac Disease
  665. Constant Neck and Chest Pain, Heart is Fine
  666. Dealing with Dizziness: Tips and Tricks
  667. Best Medication for Panic Attacks?
  668. Managing BPD Manic Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  669. How did you know you possibly had Schizophrenia?
  670. Loss of familiarity with my own face
  671. Natural Headache Relief: Tips and Tricks
  672. Adjusting to Trulicity: How's Everyone Doing?
  673. Need advice on staying hydrated during flares
  674. Overwhelmed and Anxious: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  675. Haunted by Dreams of the Past
  676. Best Mobility Device for Multiple Joint Pain
  677. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain at 29
  678. Do you feel the need to share everything?
  679. Struggling with Asthma and Exercise: Anyone Else?
  680. Heart palpitations for over a year, what should I do?
  681. Dealing with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Anxiety
  682. Living with Dermatomyositis: Dealing with the Rashes
  683. Constantly Checking My Blood Pressure
  684. Finding a Job with EDS: Suggestions Needed
  685. Misdiagnosed with BPD? Seeking Advice
  686. Experiencing Dizziness and Nausea for a Week
  687. Need Help with Joint Pain Relief at Night
  688. Need Help with Stress Management Techniques
  689. Exploring the Link Between Autism and Gender
  690. Anxious about taking public transit for my internship
  691. Endo and Intimacy: Seeking Advice
  692. Living Alone with POTS: Can a Service Dog Help?
  693. Feeling like a fake with dysautonomia symptoms
  694. Need help with gluten and dairy free diet
  695. Struggling with Migraine Symptoms - Anyone Else?
  696. Struggling with GERD Symptoms and Early Satiety
  697. Dealing with Ear Pain and Dizziness
  698. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Suggestions and Support