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should I just straight up ask my Dr for a Cushing's test? I think I have it but dr's hate when you self diagnose.

    • Mertle


      Over a year ago I had my annual exam and while I was in there I asked my doctor if it was possible if I might have Chushing's because I had the buffalo hump and like 8 out of the 10 symptoms. Because I have a wonderful primary she said let's add on a test to check your ATCH to the normal blood work we usually do to make sure I'm not deficient in the usual stuff like B12, D, ect and it came back elevated so she sent me to an Endocrinologist. The Endo had me do some more blood work with some additional tests to see if other things were elevated or low and the ATCH was again elevated enough that she said well let's do a 24 Urine Collection. Did that and it came back with high cortisol levels, but just barely high so she had me do another and that came back normal. I feel like I'm lucky though because she still believed that something was up so she had me do some saliva tests and those came back with high levels of cortisol so she said that we should go ahead and do an MRI of my pituitary. Of course the MRI came back normal, according to the Radiologist, but because my Endo is awesome she went ahead and sent it to a neurosurgeon at one of the big hospitals here and he noticed that while we couldn't see a lesion on my pituitary that might be causing my high levels of ATCH and cortisol he did notice that the pituitary stem was pushed over to the right instead of straight up and down like it should be which could indicate that something might be pushing against it. However, there wasn't quite enough evidence to confirm the Chushing's diagnosis yet. He specializes in pituitary surgeries and works with and Endocrinologist so had had to start seeing her. We did more labs, 4 more urine collections, and 4 more saliva tests before she finally felt like we had enough evidence to do a bilateral venous sampling which is where they put catheters into your legs and up to your pituitary to find out if the high levels of cortisol are indeed coming from the pituitary or if we needed to look for the high levels of cortisol coming from somewhere else in my body. Sure enough the high levels were coming from my pituitary. So then we did another MRI on a much better machine and sure enough they were able to see an adenoma this time. The neurosurgeon recommend pituitary surgery which I had a month ago and I'm beginning the slow healing process. It could take months or even years for my Chushing's symptoms to get better, but there's hope. I tell you all this to let you know that Chushing's is super hard to diagnose, but I advocated for myself and was lucky enough to have doctors that are wonderful. A lot of doctors might not know what Chushing's is or they might tell you that you just need to do things like diet and exercise, but if you think you might have it ask for them to run some tests and if they won't go see another doctor until they do so you can find out if something is up.

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