I have a doctors appointment in a few days and I kind of want to see if I can be prescribed a wheelchair. I have 2 but neither fit me correctly and hurt to use, the one was second hand and the other was a super cheep chair from Amazon. anyone with EDS and or pots have any tips for how to go about asking to be prescribed to get a wheelchair?

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  • Neuco


    Honestly, I think just being straight forward with your doctor might be the best option. Just explain that your current wheelchair is painful because it doesn't fit you properly and you'd like to get one that fits better, could they prescribe you one?

    • L1teralsatan


      okay, I am going to try. I just know my one doctor a few years ago sad she didn't want to prescribe me a wheelchair because I would "rely on it too much" 😥 my wheelchair I have now is definitely a help, but it hurts and I've been dealing with pressure based pain and its not fun

      • Neuco


        Maybe mention how much it has been helping you? I know for me, my wheelchair gave me back my independence.

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