Does anyone with BPD and C-PTSD struggle with sleeping and nightmares? it's so exhausting, and then I'm super jittery and scared to go back to sleep.

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  • VdAra


    I've always had trouble sleeping, like I can't fully relax ever. Nightmares not so much anymore, more so when I was little. Now I'm lucky if I dream at all...

  • Noma


    I have PTSD (not C-PTSD) & BPD, and i get them too. Unfortunately theyre hard to avoid but ive gotten a lot less ever since i first started EMDR for whatever reason

  • Bunn3y


    Yes definitely!! Sleeping is incredibly difficult - especially when it comes to dreams. For me (someone with C-PTSD), my nightmares often take the form of made up scenarios that involve my ab*ser which is very distressing and often leaves me feeling even more exhausted. Lately I haven’t had too many as I have been able to cope better and also am on mood stabilizers (lol), but I definitely understand that sleep can be a very difficult thing especially for those dealing with trauma! If you ever need to talk or need a place to vent about a nightmare I am here :))

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