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I have been struggling with small hemroids and I think a fissure for two weeks. Nothing is working. I am in constant discomfort and it’s really making me depressed. What’s my best option? I do baths. Drink water. Eat fiber. Use preparation h. Take ibuprofen. I need this to heal!!!!!

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      Paracetamol would be better I've been told as ibroprufen can cause stomach upset and more bleeding . When I get it I take prevention measures so I can pass easier. I've found a step stool extremely beneficial and has reduced incidents by a significant amount and helps me to clear everything. I swear by ready break with a handful of raisins in it Helps if it's milky. I also found that decaf coffee helps to as well as normal coffee if you can tolerate it. I haven't had any issues with ibs c for years accept mild gas bloating discomfort which i can tolerate. Peppermint capsule once a day to. Walking and having relaxing music on classical before sleep. I have read that alot of pregnant women use sudocrem for hemmoroids for relief if you can access them and I was a little sceptical at first but it does provide some relief. It also acts as a barrier to prevent further opening. Walking was really important when I have had them previously as it helps blood flow to heal quicker. Decaf tea and coffee can help you stay hydrated. I also found that chicken broth soup can really help with soften things up. Wishing you a speedy healing. I know how frustrating and unpleasant it can be.

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