I have had trouble getting a diagnosis for my tourettes partly because of how much I have been moving around and because I don't have health insurance 🙃. have any advice

Tourette Syndrome (TS)

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  • royalty


    I've also had trouble getting a TS diagnosis but for some different reasons. Mine is mainly because of medical gaslighting and because my parents thought I was faking when I was younger.

    • Satin


      SAMEE. I was constantly getting grounded for it 😭 I have become very hard headed though 😅

      • melankylie


        This same thing happened to me. I was diagnosed in the third grade and i've been struggling ever since. They have gotten better with anxiety medication, because heightened anxiety makes them worse, but smoking 🌿 is the only thing that makes them less intense and more manageable!

  • IsabellaJ


    Advilllllllll I can't get you a diagnosis or drugs but advil works miracles on light tic days or on large spasms, and with diagnosis other than doctor visits you don't need a medical diagnosis, especially if your 100% sure you have it just tell people you have it

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