Been having upper abdominal pain on the right side that travels to the back. Also been having stomach pain. I do have acid reflux and a fatty liver. Had my gallbladder checked and they said it was fine. I do know fibromyalgia cause cause a lot of other things. Just wanting to know if anyone else is going through this or if it is just me?

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  • KatoLizbet


    Go see a gastroenterologist. Have them check to see if you’ve got an ulcer, the pain radiating to the back was the main issue I had before I found out about mine. Hope you find answers and relief 🙏

  • Vakara


    I have had check to see if I have an ulcer and they said no🤨. Thank you though. I appreciate your help.

  • CreativC


    I've had this type of pain you're describing for the past 3 days. I think barometric pressure affects fibromyalgia. I have it. Also have fatty liver disease, gallbladder removal & removal of my spinchter of oddi. If you're having serious gastrointestinal symptoms w it, it's probably your gut, no pun intended. That's how I differentiate. Also it could be a high saturated fatty food triggering your fatty liver disease, and when you talk to your gastro ask if any supplements or meds or even foods you may be ingesting may be affecting your liver. I guess 1/4 of liver disease is related to supplements...

  • CreativC


    Also try swapping your saturated fats w unsaturated. We are talking nuts & seeds, etc.

  • CreativC


    Not all seeds are unsaturated also! K ✌️

  • Fibrogal


    Do you still have your appendix???

  • 30Years_Of_This


    I have GERD and a hiatal hernia and I get episodes of severe chest pain radiating to my jaw and my left arm. I worked in a hospital the first time and was taken to the Emergency Room where they kept me for 24 hrs. To assess for a heart attack. I was given Morphine which didn’t help the pain, eventually I was given nitroglycerin under my tongue for what they believed was esophageal spasms. Now I get them about ten to twelve times a year, usually during times of increased stress. Never any warning, the pain just comes on suddenly.

  • elliebellie01


    I actually have been going through the same thing. Basically what my doctor explained is that when you have fatty liver you have to basically not eat anything that is a animal product for a while. You have to replace your protein with something that is plant-based. At least for a duration of time so your body can process the fat that's already in your liver. Your liver will regenerate itself in time but you have to allow it the space by not giving it so much animal products. I didn't really know that. And that causes a lot of the abdominal discomfort. Also, doing cardio daily like taking a walk you have to do it because it helps break down the proteins in your liver. I've had to work out even though I'm in pain every day. And it does make the pain decrease of it and it is uncomfortable just don't overdo it. But you do need to have some sort of exercise so that your body can break down what is in your system.

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