Hi! :)
I really would like to talk to someone with either ASD or OCD about fixations - or more specifically fixations on real life people.
I am officially diagnosed with ASD, but I am considering that I may have comorbid OCD for several reasons. Regardless, I have a very difficult time whenever I form a fixation around someone, because of how intensely focused I am on them… and I often grow obsessed and have horrible intrusive thoughts that I spend hours trying to get rid of/aim all my attention towards!
I know that this was a very vague description, but I would really like to talk to someone who has gone through a similar situation! Or if anyone has any sort of advice/tips they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much :)

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  • punk_lemonade


    I think I can somewhat understand what you're describing. Does this lean more towards IRL people like friends and aquintances, or does it lean more towards content creators, celebrities, etc? If you'd like to talk more about it, my DMs are open. :]

    • Bunn3y


      thank you so much ^w^! I’ll dm you!!

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