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Hi guys. My expertise is in Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, alternative therapies, natural treatments as well as knowledge in mold poisoning and mental health. I am writing this in case anyone is in need of help with any of these subjects, I would be able to point you in the right direction and even possibly give you a list of doctors (I am not afflicted in any way). I know the frustration and overwhelm as well as how important it is to act quickly and would be happy to help anyone. My Story: I had Lyme Disease untreated and undiagnosed for 13-15 years before I was finally diagnosed in 2017 after I had been bitten by a tick on Mother’s Day a few weeks after I loss my 8-month pregnancy and held a funeral for him. 2017 was a tough year. I was told that I had a new infection as well as a more advanced, late stage infection going back many years. This made sense to me as I was always a hiker and the acute symptoms I experienced after the 2017 tick bite were identical to the symptoms I had 15 years earlier. So, I saw an Infectious Disease Dr who had me on antibiotics for 6 months, which only made my condition worse. I still tested positive for an active infection, which came back raging a week after I stopped treatment. I realized that I wasn’t getting the help I needed from doctors and I was on my own. For the next 2 years, I made it my full-time job to become an expert at Lyme so I could save myself. I read hundreds of studies, took notes, found protocols and studies that showed the effectiveness of certain treatments. I began taking these treatments at home and soon began to get better but still wanted a doctor to overlook. I finally found a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor who treated with natural protocols and/or antibiotics, and I chose the natural route. I felt more at peace having her tell me the treatments I was using was exactly what she recommends. Now that my insurance no longer covers her appointments, I am in a place where I know far beyond what i need to and altho I don’t have a degree, I know more about this subject than 99.999% of doctors. Lyme disease is easily treated if taken care of immediately, but if left untreated, this stealth pathogen is capable of things that amazes me.. as much as I despise it, it’s also pretty wild what it’s capable of doing to prevent its own demise. So yea.. any questions.. I’d be happy to help. Common Protocols: - Buhner - Zhang - Cowden - Byron White (my fav)

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    • D8gra7


      Have u looked into dr zhang

    • D8gra7


      Have u looked into dr zhang

    • Libby123


      I did 2 years of antiobiotics and ended up with SIBO and still have lyme

    • Sincerely


      My story is traumatic, I can't talk about it right now because I have to many other traumas currently taking place.

    • littlefrog


      I’ve had lyme and bartonella untreated for maybe 15 years but only got really bad in 2020, probably after being exposed to covid. in less than a year lost the ability to walk due to excruciating pain. last year finally went on antibiotics and no change in symptoms. I feel hopeless. I want to believe it’s not too late and I can be treated but even then I’ll probably never go back to the way I was. please tell me there’s hope.

    • gella10


      I was diagnosed with lyme disease when I was 8 years old. My mom also has lyme disease and was diagnosed a couple years before I was. I feel like t affects me frequently and I would love to be able to talk to you about your opinion and maybe get some guidance!

    • Angel2


      Hello. Thank you for the great post. If sure be interested in talking with you and accepting some guidance because I'm really ready to beat this once and for all! Is there a way to DM on here? Sorry, I'm new to the App.

    • Dee711


      I too found myself in the same boat, except it wasn’t me was my 13 year old daughter. For years I have been trying to find what’s wrong with her while every single doctor I took her to would just tell me that everything is “normal” all her labs are fine. Telling me she just has depression and teen anxiety and constantly gaslighting me. I had enough and started really digging and doing all my own research. Ordering all her labs myself and trying to connect the dots the best I could. After some time I realized that so many of her symptoms lined up with Lyme disease. I decided to get her tested through IGENEX and 12 days later her results came back that she was positive. Finally I had answers. I was somewhat relieved but at the same time my mommy heart broke for her. This will be along road to recovery. I now know I cannot rely on doctors, they are clueless and look at me like I’m a crazy person if I dare mention chronic Lyme. I am currently treating her naturally with the Buhner protocal. Good luck to you. Best wishes ❤️

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