Hi nice to meet you all. I'm currently going to a neurologist for the neuropathy in my legs, he believes it's from pinched nerves in my back. I'm getting some results next week, but I've been dealing with this for 2 and a half years. I went through a rough time with alcohol and that is around when this started. Most doctors I talked to in the past just blamed the alcohol but I have been sober for 22 months and it's still about the same as when it started. I personally dont that issue is, i did at first but not after this long.My ability to walk has gotten worse, my right leg tries to give out after a good while of walking like mowing, sometimes feels like it wants to hyper extend. I also have some limpomas close to my lower spine and just had an mri and a myelogram. Hoping these will have some answers as to what is going on. Any ideas or thoughts about this are appreciated, Thanks

Peripheral Neuropathy

Paresthesia of skin

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    Hi nice to meet you 🤗

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