I think I should have a better diet. I just kind of wing it rn and eat too much processed foods such as pizza rolls, toquitos, pizza, burgers, and fastfood restaurants.

Looking for any advice :)

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  • Bluedoggy


    My wife and I have worked hard to only now eat home made food. We keep it simple, poached eggs and sardines for breakfast ( they go amazingly well together with some balsamic vinegar - who knew?) and meat or fish and vegetables for tea. Load your diet with home made plenty of protein foods, avoid buying ready made meals and anything with additives and ANYTHING with sugar added / drink tea or coffee and NO soda or juices which are full or sugar or additives or both. I have 3 poached eggs in the morning and now can go through without lunch and NO snacks until teatime for a home cooked meat or fish meal with veg. Try is and definitely avoid any UPF ultra processed food items (they are everywhere including ketchup) if you make everything from scratch at home you are safe - try and eat less carbs but fats including butter and lard and cheese are great for you. I have lost over 5kg and feel great

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