How do you deal with the feeling of overheating and sweating from medications? Is there any way to get the side effect to go away or is it something you live with?



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  • EmoDeer


    I know there is medication to counteract, but it’s not ideal for most people. I usually just try to take things very slow & drink a lot of water. Everyday activities are a pain now with the sweating & overheating.

  • wabi_sabi_vida


    Idk what you are taking but Cymbalta makes me sweat embarrassingly. Im not sure what fixes it since its a parasympathetic response to the inhibition of norepinephrine reuptake.

    • Cece7


      I’m taking Effexor. I feel like I’m just always warm and everyone else feels comfortable and I want like fans and stuff on me all day. I just feel like I’m always a little sticky or something. It’s not that I sweat through my clothes every day but I do sweat when barely doing anything and I used to not sweat very much at all even when exercising so it’s just very weird adjusting to this stuff. It’s just uncomfortable but like it’s more comfortable than not having the benefit of the antidepressants

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