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I suffered Guillain Barrie Syndrome (GBS) in 2017 after surgery in a dirty hospital. Than spent 45 days in another hospital (5 days in ICU and 10 days in a coma. I still have tingling in my hands and feet. Sometimes, my feet are worst than usual and hurt to walk. I know the Doctor said that it could take 5 years to go away, if I was lucky. It’s been more than 5 years now. I have heard some people get over it. I keep looking for something that would help me improve (other than exercise and diet, which hasn’t helped). I keep checking for new medical improvements, but haven’t seen any. QUESTION: Has anybody found something that has helped improve the feelings in hands and feet. Please let me know. Thank you in advance. “Rollin”

    • Captain333


      6 years ago I got GBS. I suffer from full body nerve pain constantly. Severe at some point everyday and sometimes all day. Nothing seems to really work. Numb would be nice from where I'm at, but I know that sucks too. I've had tingling in my hands and feet along with worse pain, but not once have I been numb. I was fully paralyzed for a month and in screaming pain most of that. Touching me hurt even worse. It still feels like I'm rubbing sandpaper on a sunburn when I dry off with a towel. Soaking in water is great, but washing and drying sucks, so I only bath once a week. I hope you can find something that helps you get your hands and feet back. Any ideas for the pain?

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