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recently i’ve felt so alone in this illness. i know so many other people struggle but i feel that i cant connect with people who are dealing with this around the same age i am. i feel like i’m failing because i can’t always do the things that most teens can. my mom has RA and can struggle to understand that my lupus is usually not painful like her arthritis. i mean yes i have joint pain and migraines that can both get pretty bad but it’s been going on for so long that i’m used to it. and don’t get me wrong it can be completely dehumanizing, i just feel so many other symptoms recently i’ve been really struggling with the sick feeling that lupus gives me. i just feel blah and the unpredictable changes in my symptoms is what really has been getting to me. it’s my senior year of high school and i want nothing more than to know i can make it to events. does anyone else struggle with this or know of nationwide support groups for teens or young adults? 🤍🤍

    • Bermuda


      I understand you, completely. I just graduated from high school this year and recently started at college but during my senior year I cuaght Covid and I suddenly starting having that sick feeling and the sensation that I had zero energy. I remembered missing classes and events because of it or peers questioning my symptoms when they heard my dry cough. The symptoms and pains was something I grew to handle but the worst part for me was no one understanding or knowing what Lupus is or how it can affect someone but not show any physical signs. This is the first time, reading your post I felt like I understood someone.

    • Pippikins


      I’m so sorry! I don’t know if any help groups. I was diagnosed older than you, but at 24 I still felt like I was dealing with symptoms no one else my age was or understood. It’s been 8 years and I doing much better! I was on meds for many years and after changing my diet as well I rarely have flairs now. I know that’s not everyone’s experience but I hope you’re able to get some relief with time. It’s so hard to explain our symptoms to people but they are real and debilitating for sure. Be well 💛

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