Hey yall. I'm new here. Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Robin. I had found out 6 years ago that I had PCOS & I was put on Metformin for it. Between my primary doctor that I go to now, my obgyn & my infertility doctor had told me that I needed to lose weight before I could possibly get pregnant. Is there any specific diet that I need to go on in order to lose some of this weight?

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)


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  • Dawn33


    Gluten free & dairy free, if you have Instagram check out pcos.weightloss they have lots of good info that has helped me sooooo much

  • JanL


    I recommend paleo. You can eat a lot of things and it works. It's less restrictive and easier to make into a lifestyle rather than a diet.

  • Seruna


    I also heard of a surgery that you could do to remove the cysts that can help you get pregnant.

  • Mazzyllene


    The best way I lost weight is Hugh activity levels. Like working out and serious walking,10k steps a day at least. I ate healthy but let myself have yummy stuff. Dropped 4 clothing sizes in a year.

  • zoomiesmom


    I had bariatric surgery. The diet is pretty simple lower white carbs up protein lower fat and drink alot of water. 50 or less net carbs 90-110 grams of protein per day. 40 or less fat. And 64oz water. Fruit is ok! 3 servings of whole fruit is good.

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