Is anyone on Anxiety Meds? How did you know you needed them?


Anxiety (Including GAD)





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  • HenriettaHeadache


    I'm on alprazolam (xanax). I knew I needed it when my anxiety became debilitating.

  • Aeiouna


    I'm on duloxetine for both depression and anxiety. I needed it more for the depression, it helping my anxiety is a bit of a bonus. As far as knowing I need it, it was my psych's suggestion

  • mrsking0322


    I'm on hydroxyzine. I kept having panic attacks anytime I was some people, especially people I didn't know

    • AuntieR


      -I take hydroxyzine also. How long have you taken it?

  • E_belli


    For anxiety itself I take Prozac, hydroxyzine and PRN Klonopin. I'm just a very severely anxious person and need something to keep me calmer and help make life generally more manageable. Panic/anxiety attacks too. All the anxiety. I just couldn't keep living how I was. Now I'm on an effective cocktail of meds including these and it all works well.

  • moonlightxpeach


    i am! i knew i needed them my whole life basically, i take zoloft for my depression and anxiety combined. more so my depression, but it has helped my anxiety exceptionally ❤️

  • fibrozombie


    Klonopin. When it was taking over my life.

  • iloveaaron


    Lexapro here! and I knew I needed to see a dr when i developed panic attacks and stopped eating (severe effects!!). but I should’ve gone when I started to see that other people didn’t feel the same and it wasn’t “normal” amounts of stress.

  • monkey1


    I used to hate going out anywhere i had every thought in my head at once. Basically I would have ten ideas of how to deal with every situation. It was the worst and made me so tired. Thats when we tried medication and now I feel so much better. I am on escriptalopram, busperine , and prazison.

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    I am on a couple and I can tell you that I wouldn't be able to function without them is an understatement. I know I need them because I wouldn't leave my bed if I didn't have them.

  • busy_bee


    Prozac (7 yrs now)! I knew when drs told me after I had a mental breakdown 🙃

  • allymwa


    severe tics

  • Katharina


    Mines pretty severe at times but I’ve been scared of the meds I could have. I don’t wanna feel like I need them to live…. Even if they do help. Same questions idk when would be time to get them. My therapist dosent push it.

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