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So it’s about to mark a year since i’ve gotten ITP (diagnosed april of this year but it went unchecked since last year) and it’s been tough. I’ve been reading from a lot of people and how they deal with ITP and how long they’ve had it. I especially saw one that had it for 12 years. Im super scared for the future regarding my ITP, especially since i have anemia. It doesn’t feel like any of my medication is working and i’m always feeling fatigued every single day. But i have learned a few ways to help out my bruises whenever i get them. Ice for a few days and then straight heat to clear out the trapped blood. it works like a charm, but it’s super annoying to do since i have about 20+ bruises right now from my arms, to my thighs, and somehow my butt… don’t even know how that got there. But i’m slowly getting used to this “ITP” thing, and i hope for the better. If there’s anymore tips you guys have to deal with bruising please feel free to comment.

    • serunika


      Hi, it's my 10th year this year. Are you taking any supplement to support your anemia and low platelets? My hematologist always told me that whenever I'm easily bruised it's something to do with both platelets and HB count. His best advice is to take folic acid and iron supplement. I hope it'll get better for you!🌻

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