Any tips for recovering memory after a seizure. I always get so much memory loss and it sucks I can’t remember a whole week of my life and it sucks


Chronic Memory Loss

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  • Schiele


    This isn’t the bestest advice for remembering things /during/ a seizure, but I’ve been trying to journal, or at least jot notes, about things I don’t want to forget because I don’t realize how much mental fog caused by absence seizures and depression I’m experiencing until after the event is over and gone. As for remembering immediately after a seizure, I rely on people around me to remind me what I was doing/talking about and trying to retrace the steps I do remember so hopefully I’ll come to the train of thought I had. Not remembering your life suuucks, so I really hope you can figure out something that helps you

  • BrandonSay


    I would like to think that in this regard, the situation can vary from person to person. Like for me, I have my organized mess all around me in my room; sure everything is sloppy on the surfaces and everything but I do my best to stay clean and somehow I manage to find everything I need and even recollect myself after going around through everything and figure out where I was, where I currently am and what my intentions were for my next move and I usually get right back on track with myself

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