Posts on Alike for November 2022

  1. Struggling with Body Image and Self Control
  2. Dealing with Cystic Acne: Tips and Tricks
  3. Preparing for My First Surgery: Any Tips?
  4. Struggling to Answer My Therapist's Question
  5. Struggling with Extreme Emotions During My Period
  6. Misdiagnosed with GAD: Seeking Advice
  7. Ulcerative Colitis or Chrons Disease?
  8. Struggling with Dissociation: Seeking Help
  9. How to Stop Skin Picking: Tips and Tricks
  10. Managing Fatigue: My Experience with Amitriptyline and Wellbutrin
  11. Dealing with Moving Stress
  12. Getting to Know Each Other: Digestive Issues
  13. New to the App: Seeking Support for Chronic Migraines and Anxiety
  14. Prozac Experience: Seeking Advice
  15. Struggling with Severe Acne and Healthcare Providers
  16. Coping with Miscarriage and Endometriosis without Medical Insurance
  17. Getting Diagnosed with POTS: Tips and Tricks
  18. What Makes a Good Physical Therapy Session?
  19. Constant Mild Headache - Anyone Else?
  20. Tips for Eating with Stomach Issues
  21. Discovering My Dairy Allergy and Its Effects on My Health
  22. Fear of Death with Anxiety
  23. Need advice for RLS treatment
  24. Struggling with PCOS and Weight Loss
  25. Coping with Someone with Bipolar Disorder
  26. Struggling with Goal Setting and ADHD
  27. Share your experiences with mental health treatments
  28. How to Handle Panic Attacks and Social Anxiety?
  29. Experiencing Mental and Physical Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  30. Scared to Take My Medication: Need Advice
  31. Scared of Surgery Recovery
  32. Struggling with ARFID and OCD, Need Suggestions
  33. First time taking Ritalin, any tips?
  34. Dealing with Hypochondriasis: Seeking Advice
  35. Strange Hunger Pangs and Appetite Issues
  36. Raynaud's and Blood Draws: Anyone Else Have to Warn Their Doctors?
  37. Sick and Tired of Trying Different Medications?
  38. Experiencing HRT Side Effects: Need Advice
  39. What Triggers You? Share Your Experience
  40. Anyone tried Buspar for severe gut anxiety?
  41. What Natural Supplements Do You Swear By?
  42. Magnesium for Anxiety and Sleep: Does it Work?
  43. The Fear of Pregnancy and Guilt of Not Wanting Biological Kids
  44. Embarrassed by My Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  45. Struggling to Cook and Clean with Thyroid Issues and Depression
  46. Chest Tightness and Pain - What Could It Be?
  47. Struggling with Tamoxifen Side Effects
  48. PCOS Treatment: Success with Metformin and Yaz?
  49. Seeking advice on Duloxetine for Vulvodynia
  50. Living with Hypersensitivity and Essential Tremors
  51. Feeling Alone and Needing Company
  52. Seeking advice for possible ADHD symptoms
  53. My Experience with Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  54. Need Help with TMJ Jaw Pain Relief
  55. How Does Depression Affect Libido?
  56. Tips for PCOS weight loss?
  57. Dealing with Chronic Pain for Two Years
  58. Should I Retake a Pregnancy Test?
  59. Tips for Reducing Anxiety When Medication is Not an Option
  60. Looking for Anxiety Management Tips
  61. Need advice for newly diagnosed Gastroparesis
  62. Scared of Laparoscopy Surgery: Need Advice
  63. Desperately Trying to Wake Up from a Long Dream
  64. Struggling with Infertility: Seeking Advice and Support
  65. Is Parenthood Realistic for Me?
  66. Looking for advice on Crohn's treatment options
  67. COVID-19 and POTS/EDS: Is there a connection?
  68. Discovering Unknown Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  69. Scared for My Doctor's Appointment
  70. Feeling Alone: When Your Phone is Full of Doctors' Numbers
  71. Struggling with Therapy as a Neurodivergent Person
  72. Struggling with Depression and Perimenopause
  73. Dealing with Femoral Anteversion Pain: Seeking Advice
  74. Managing Migraine Pain While Working and Living Life
  75. How to Stop Overthinking Intrusive Thoughts?
  76. Questions about DID and headmates
  77. Shrooms for Anxiety and Depression: Does it Work?
  78. Struggling with Insomnia and Chronic Pain
  79. Need advice for battling strep throat with emetophobia
  80. Has anyone tried pain counseling for fibromyalgia?
  81. How do you react when people laugh at your tics?
  82. Trying to Reactivate My Nursing License After 10 Years
  83. Need Help Losing Weight Without Exercise
  84. Seeking Answers for My Undiagnosed Condition
  85. Hair Compulsion: Can't Stop Touching My Hair
  86. Managing Pain Without Cannabis: Need Help!
  87. Muscle Twitches with Fibromyalgia
  88. Intense Muscle Tension and Ticks with Anxiety?
  89. Managing A-Fib with Watchman Implant
  90. Discovering My ADHD: A Surprising Revelation
  91. Struggling with Dissociation in Public
  92. Dealing with Abscess Drainage: Need Advice
  93. Scared to Start Prozac with Focalin: ADHD and SSRI
  94. Laparoscopy for Endo: Trusting My Gyn?
  95. Has anyone tried chiropractic treatment for scoliosis?
  96. How did you get diagnosed with OCD?
  97. Could My Medications Be Causing Involuntary Movements?
  98. Struggling with Emotional Eating While Trying to Lose Weight
  99. Eye Pressure and Anxiety: Is There a Connection?
  100. Dealing with Anxiety: Need Suggestions!
  101. Using ovulation strips with PCOS for pregnancy success
  102. Dealing with Chest Pain: Seeking Advice and Support
  103. What's Your Go-To Comfort Food?
  104. Chronic Constipation and Varicocele: Seeking Advice
  105. Struggling to Prioritize School with ADHD
  106. Living with Chronic Restlessness: My Experience with Akathisia
  107. Paranoia and Apartment Noises
  108. Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Seeking Support Group
  109. Dealing with Thanatophobia: Coping Tips Needed
  110. Tips for Controlling Nail Biting?
  111. Becoming a Character: Coping or Just Weird?
  112. Symptoms during a flare up
  113. Experiencing Diagraphia Symptoms
  114. New birth control pill causing emotional turmoil and headaches
  115. Dealing with the aftermath of my first manic episode
  116. Can food trigger POTS?
  117. What happens if I miss a dose of Lamotrigine?
  118. My Journey with Medical Cannabis for Pain Management
  119. Discovering I Might Have ADHD or Autism
  120. Living with Chronic Pain: Coping Strategies Needed
  121. Overcoming Bipolar Disorder: My Journey to Recovery
  122. Should I Keep My Cardiology Follow-up Appointment?
  123. Feeling Crawly When Stressed: How to Cope?
  124. Peptic Ulcer Flare-up During Menstruation
  125. Feeling Down: Need Some Advice
  126. Living in a Constant State of Discomfort
  127. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Nausea
  128. Brain Transplant and ADHD
  129. AI Therapy: Can Chatbots Really Help You Feel Better?
  130. Stress Seizures from Smoking Cannabis
  131. Need advice for irritated throat from smoking weed
  132. Introducing Myself: Aria, 19, Looking for Support and Friendship
  133. Struggling to Increase Appetite on ADHD Medication
  134. Rebuilding My Sense of Worth After a Narcissistic Breakup
  135. Questions about Busporine medication and side effects
  136. Coping with Chronic Illness as a CNA
  137. Dealing with Menstrual Migraines
  138. Tips for dealing with lilapsaphobia?
  139. Need tips for sensory issues during haircuts
  140. Cyst or Cancer? How Can Doctors Tell?
  141. Ideas for gluten and dairy free meals
  142. Can Bliss Cure Cancer? My Experience
  143. Looking for advice on treating SIBO symptoms
  144. Feeling self-conscious about my long list of symptoms
  145. Struggling with Morning Fatigue
  146. 8 Years of Excessive Mucus - Is There a Solution?
  147. Dealing with Health Struggles: Finding Support on This App
  148. Struggling to Stay on Meds
  149. Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes: Seeking Tips and Information
  150. Struggling with accepting my alters
  151. Feeling Overwhelmed with Diagnoses
  152. Need help with IBS diagnosis and treatment
  153. Struggling with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety
  154. Dealing with ARFID: My Struggle with Picky Eating
  155. Does Medicine Really Stop Intrusive Thoughts?
  156. How to Fight Depression When You Lack Motivation
  157. First Time on a Mood Stabilizer
  158. Severe Headache for 3 Weeks - Need Advice
  159. Struggling with Relapse and Motivation
  160. Inconsistent Body Temperature: Seeking Insight
  161. Quick Antidepressant Prescription: Is It Flippant?
  162. Need help with focus and cleaning due to ADHD
  163. Need advice for losing weight with POTS
  164. Help! Allergic reaction and itchy rash on my neck
  165. Struggling to Get Out of Bed in the Morning
  166. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Mental Health and UC
  167. Need advice on heart condition and edema
  168. Fibromyalgia and Vitamin Deficiency: Are You Deficient?
  169. Always Tired and Unmotivated
  170. Managing Chronic Pain: How Do You Cope?
  171. Considering Anxiety Medication: Pros and Cons
  172. Tips for Presentations and Small Talk with Autism and ADHD
  173. Struggling with Diabetes Management: Need Advice
  174. Sole-source nutrition is hurting me, what do I do?
  175. Anxiety about starting ADHD stimulant
  176. Possible Crohn's Disease Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  177. Should I Discuss My High Heart Rate with My Doctor?
  178. 18 y/o with hEDS: Struggling to Stay Fit
  179. Unexplained Symptoms: When Your Body Plays Tricks on You
  180. Cannabis and ASD: Does it affect masking?
  181. Meloxicam Prescription and Abdominal Pain
  182. Coping with Depression: How to Stay Motivated
  183. Safe Foods for Overstimulated Autistics
  184. Hip and Back Pain: Should I Wait for Orthopedics?
  185. Living with Emotionally Immature Parents: Setting Boundaries
  186. Side effects and effectiveness of dexemethylphenidate for ADD
  187. Newly Diagnosed with Heart Failure: Seeking Advice and Encouragement
  188. Sudden weight gain and loss with COLON issues, POTS MCAS or EDS
  189. Question about mood stabilizer dosage increase
  190. Is Physical Therapy Worth the Pain?
  191. Looking for Thyroidectomy Experiences
  192. Transitional Anxiety: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  193. Driving with Tourette's: Seeking Advice
  194. Experiencing Shortness of Breath with GAD
  195. Need Help with Acid Reflux and Vomiting
  196. Struggling with Insomnia: Any Tips?
  197. How to Prevent Shoulder Subluxations During Flares?
  198. Looking for POTS Treatment Options
  199. Dealing with Daily Nausea: Any Tips?
  200. Dealing with Food Restrictions in Social Situations
  201. Dealing with Incontinence: Embarrassing Bathroom Accidents
  202. My boyfriend doesn't understand my DID
  203. Autistic Masking: Is My Mask-Sona Still Me?
  204. Struggling with Executive Dysfunction and ADHD Management
  205. Struggling with Medication Side Effects
  206. Feeling hesitant to share my symptoms without a diagnosis
  207. Is Frequent Urination a Symptom of POTS?
  208. Introducing Myself and My Mental Health Journey
  209. Struggling with Chronic Illness: Seeking Advice
  210. Quitting vaping and switching to nicotine gum
  211. Why am I having two periods a month?
  212. Confused about Paxil's effects
  213. Possible Misdiagnosis: POTS vs Vertigo
  214. How to Calm Down Before a Medical Procedure?
  215. Struggling with Mental Health and Unemployment
  216. Managing Anxiety: My Journey with Medication and Therapy
  217. POTs and Flared Symptoms After Blood Drawn or Injury
  218. Struggling with Chronic Illness: Seeking Encouragement and Understanding
  219. Joint Pain During Illness
  220. Saying Goodbye to the Gastroparesis Community
  221. Struggling to Get Back into Work
  222. Looking for advice on experimental PCOS medications
  223. Heart Monitor Results and Fear of CPAP
  224. Feeling terrible after blood draw, any tips?
  225. What Else Can I Do to Combat Seasonal Depression?
  226. Cymbalta vs Zoloft: Experiences?
  227. How to convince my mom to see a doctor?
  228. Just Started Seroquel - What's Your Experience?
  229. What prescription meds work for HS?
  230. Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  231. Struggling with ADHD Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  232. Struggling with Long COVID: Does it ever get easier?
  233. ANA Blood Test Results After Raynaud's
  234. Finally Got a Diagnosis for My Sleep Issues!
  235. How to Calm Dull Anxiety in the Back of Your Head?
  236. Breaking Down Over Little Things
  237. Tips for Holding Chiropractor Adjustments
  238. Chronic constipation, bloating, and varicocele - advice needed
  239. Do Panic Attacks Always Involve Hyperventilating?
  240. Dealing with Vertigo: Seeking Advice
  241. Relaxing during a Chronic Illness Flare Up
  242. Struggling with Food Cravings
  243. 52-year-old Male Seeking Chat About Life and Hobbies
  244. Managing Bipolar Disorder: Tips Needed
  245. Starting Trulicity tomorrow. What to expect?
  246. Taking Control of My Mental Health
  247. Trans Man Seeking Support for Legal Name Change and Sex Life
  248. Dealing with Medication Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  249. Starting Trulicity tomorrow, need advice on side effects
  250. Exploring Psychedelics as a Treatment for Depression
  251. Dealing with Schizophrenia Diagnosis
  252. Questioning my POTS diagnosis
  253. Questioning if ASD label might help me understand me
  254. Tips for managing OCD
  255. Questioning if I have autism as an adult
  256. Using a Happy Light for Depression: Does it Work?
  257. Anyone else struggling with gastroparesis?
  258. Continuous Muscle Twitching with Anxiety
  259. First Surgery Anxiety: What to Expect?
  260. Concerns about Sub-Q Med for Chronic Migraines
  261. Coping with a Chronic Illness Diagnosis
  262. Living with Multiple Chronic Conditions
  263. Medicare Check-Up and Pain Management
  264. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Memory Problems
  265. Coping with Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  266. Looking for Support on My Mental Health Journey
  267. Headmates from Disability Trauma
  268. Dealing with Arthritis Pain: My Struggle Today
  269. AS and Right Upper Quadrant Pain - Seeking Advice
  270. Struggling to Take My Medication
  271. Is my anxiety caused by autism?
  272. Coping with Gender Dysphoria: Personal Strategies
  273. Looking for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Recommendations
  274. Has anyone tried benlysta for lupus?
  275. Looking for Autism Therapy Help
  276. Struggling with Focus Despite ADHD Medication
  277. New to the Group: Seeking Anxiety Support and a Healthier Life
  278. Help with weird scabs on my scalp
  279. Living a Healthy Life with Thyroid Condition: Tips and Tricks
  280. Worried about my mom's health after knee replacement surgery
  281. My Experience with Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Psoriasis and Fibromyalgia
  282. Official ADHD Diagnosis and Medication Discussion with Psychiatrist
  283. Looking for Endo Support
  284. Positive ANA test not required for Lupus or RA?
  285. Best Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety and Depression?
  286. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog in Grad School
  287. Job Hunting with a Disability: Need Advice
  288. New to the app, looking for support as a cancer survivor with anxiety
  289. Can a UTI cause a PANDAS flare?
  290. Dealing with Anxiety After Miscarriage
  291. Diagnosed with ADD at 6, still taking meds at 21
  292. Feeling Weird and Bored: Need Advice
  293. Overcoming Pain and Disability: My Journey to Recovery
  294. Struggling with Empathy: Anyone Else?
  295. Nervous about starting birth control for cramps
  296. Introducing Myself: Vega, 21, and Possibly Autistic
  297. Concerned about my eating habits, need advice
  298. Facts about MTHFR and Folic Acid Fortification
  299. Doubting my OCD diagnosis
  300. Living with Chronic Pain: My Story
  301. Severe Cramps After Endometriosis Surgery: Seeking Answers
  302. Struggling with BPD diagnosis and identity
  303. Excited for Therapy in the New Year
  304. Concerns about ADHD medication and memory problems
  305. Does Weed Cause Seizures? Need Your Opinion!
  306. Nervous about Thanksgiving and not eating much
  307. Understanding Anemia: What Does It Mean?
  308. Dealing with Light Sensitivity and Migraines at Work
  309. Looking for Advice on Low Dose Naltroxone for Pain Management
  310. Anxiety creeping back in after 3+ months of relief
  311. How to Calm Down When Feeling Sad?
  312. Anyone tried Prozac for depression?
  313. Tips for transitioning while being a biological parent?
  314. Self-Medicating with Alcohol for GAD: Is it Safe?
  315. Looking for a Good General Practice Doctor
  316. Hypnotherapy for IBS: Has Anyone Tried It?
  317. Struggling with Health at 46
  318. Two nightmares and a racing heart
  319. Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism: Need Help!
  320. Advice for Gallbladder Removal Surgery
  321. Chilly Weather and Asthma: Anyone Else Struggling?
  322. Chronic Headaches: Seeking Advice
  323. Struggling with Overthinking Social Interactions
  324. Struggling to Eat Without Feeling Sick
  325. Can Caffeine Trigger Anxiety?
  326. PCOS Diagnosis Without Ovarian Cysts: Is It Possible?
  327. How Chronic Illness Affects My Life
  328. Do I Need a TSA Disability Card to Fly with Medications?
  329. How to Get Out of a Funk: Tips and Tricks
  330. Unmasking Autism: Tips from People in a Similar Situation
  331. Joining a Rare Disease Club
  332. Tips for Traveling with POTS to Disney World
  333. Seizures with Dysautonomia: Seeking Advice
  334. Coping with Bipolar Disorder: Dealing with Unexplained Sadness
  335. Pre-Period Fibro Flare Up
  336. Migraines After Botox: Should I Stop?
  337. Advice for Intercourse with Endometriosis?
  338. Discovering CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome)
  339. Dealing with Love Addiction
  340. Misdiagnosed with Autism: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  341. What Should I Do About My Anxiety Symptoms?
  342. Amitriptyline for Fibromyalgia: Share Your Experience
  343. Always Tired and Anxious: Seeking Advice
  344. Sertraline and Emotional Numbness
  345. Sharing Our Health Journeys: Let's Hear Yours!
  346. Managing Chronic Pain with M.E and Thyroiditis
  347. Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, seeking advice
  348. I think I passed out for a second?
  349. Should I Get a Second Opinion on My Fainting Episode?
  350. My Dysautonomia Specialist Appointment: A New Diagnosis and Financial Worries
  351. Need Help with Possible Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis
  352. Coping with Bipolar Disorder: Seeking Stories and Advice
  353. Holiday Stress and Chronic Illness Flares
  354. Sniffling as a Tic: Anyone Else?
  355. New Psychiatrist, New Hope
  356. Looking for Natural Anxiety Medication
  357. Endo+Fatigue: Struggling to Find Empathy?
  358. Experiencing Emotional Personification - Anyone Else?
  359. Looking for insight on symptoms of Functional Neurological Disorder
  360. Struggling with taking my daily medication
  361. Dealing with Nausea and Emetophobia
  362. Struggling with Autistic Burnout
  363. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Advice
  364. New to the app and seeking advice on autism/ADHD diagnosis
  365. Reducing Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  366. Seizures and Memory Loss: Epilepsy or Trauma?
  367. Looking for experiences with Wellbutrin
  368. EDS and Tattoos: Experiences and Complications
  369. Hydroxyzine vs Lorazepam for Anxiety: Need Advice
  370. What do you think about clonazepam?
  371. Struggling with Asthma: Need Help!
  372. Health Anxiety: Am I Crazy?
  373. Struggling with Anxiety and Autism Diagnosis
  374. Trouble Sleeping After Husband's Death
  375. Struggling with Amovig for Migraines
  376. Need help with hydration and relaxation
  377. Struggling with Temperature Regulation
  378. Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes: Seeking Advice
  379. Struggling with Diabetes: Seeking Advice
  380. Introducing Myself and My Chronic Pain
  381. Nightmares about Pregnancy with Anxiety
  382. Switching from Lithium to Trileptal - Need Advice
  383. Struggling with Insomnia
  384. Need advice on liquid diet for GP, UC and Type 2 Diabetes
  385. How to Identify and Manage Cysts: A Guide
  386. Non-stop dizziness for 48+ hours, help!
  387. Neurodivergent AFAB seeking diagnosis experiences
  388. Dealing with PCOS and Hot Flashes
  389. Dealing with Mental Illness Without Medical Advice
  390. Eye Twitching and Stress: Anyone Else?
  391. Struggling with Anxiety and Productivity
  392. Getting the Nuss Procedure for PE: My Experience
  393. Looking for Eczema Support and Tips
  394. Constant Fatigue and Nausea: Seeking Advice
  395. What Does Getting Diagnosed for Autism Look Like?
  396. Exploring the Use of Cannabis for Medical Conditions
  397. Going to Nursing School without ADHD Medication
  398. In Need of a Therapist
  399. Struggling with Depression: Considering Quitting My Job for Therapy
  400. Need advice on Quetiapine and its effects on mood and sleep
  401. Treating H. Pylori Naturally: My Experience
  402. How to Identify ADHD Symptoms in Yourself or Others
  403. Looking for Experiences with Bipolar 1 Diagnosis
  404. Therapist Stopped Responding, Feeling Abandoned
  405. Struggling with Health and Career Goals
  406. Newly diagnosed with Raynaud’s, seeking advice
  407. Struggling with Illness and Burnout
  408. New CPAP Machine and Feeling Better
  409. Looking for Friends and Coping Strategies with Bipolar Disorder
  410. Help with Paranoia
  411. Need breakfast ideas that are gluten and dairy free
  412. Struggling with Burnout and Mental Health
  413. Feeling Exhausted for No Reason
  414. Am I FtM or just masc non-binary?
  415. Sharing my journey to deep remission from severe UC
  416. Is it Normal to Pick at Your Body?
  417. Dealing with Muscle Spasms in Bed
  418. Living with Bipolar Disorder and BPD: Seeking Input from Those Who Understand
  419. Finding Comfort in Others' Chronic Illness Stories
  420. Experiences with Psychiatric Care
  421. Talking to Your Therapist About Study Drugs: Is it Safe?
  422. Dealing with Tachycardia: Seeking Advice
  423. Dealing with Depression, Anxiety and Weight Loss
  424. Living with Tremors: Seeking Advice
  425. Struggling with Depression and Fatigue
  426. Dealing with Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  427. Anxiety and Panic Attacks When Sick
  428. Introduction and Health Issues
  429. Managing Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Tips and Resources
  430. Looking for IBS support
  431. Need advice on false negative RNP antibody test
  432. Pain Clinic Experience: Standard or Bad?
  433. Sertraline Mood Swings: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  434. Explaining Fibromyalgia Pain
  435. Autistic and Learning to Drive: My Experience
  436. Struggling with Emotional Dysregulation
  437. Tips to Lower Heart Rate with Flu or Covid Symptoms
  438. Struggling with Joint Pain
  439. Topirimate and Mental Health: Any Connection?
  440. Desperate for Fibromyalgia Flare-Up Tips
  441. Is it worth getting an ADHD diagnosis with American healthcare?
  442. New here, struggling with depression and anxiety
  443. Managing Vocal Chord Dysfunction: My Diagnosis Story and Helpful Exercise
  444. Returning to Work After Mental Health Hiatus
  445. Struggling to Focus on Enjoyable Activities
  446. New to PMDD. What should I expect in my luteal phase?
  447. Need Help with Severe Neck Pain
  448. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  449. Intense Menstrual Cramps with PCOS: Seeking Advice
  450. Should I start Humira for my severe RA?
  451. Considering Sterilization: Seeking Advice and Experiences
  452. Looking for Anxiety Medication Recommendations
  453. Connecting with others who understand my invisible struggles
  454. Struggling with School Due to Undiagnosed ADD
  455. Anxiety meds not working, what should I do?
  456. Returning to Work After Endometriosis Laparoscopy Surgery
  457. Join us on Instagram Live
  458. Dizzy After Cleaning: Is It Just Me?
  459. Numbness on Left Side of Body with Anxiety?
  460. New to the App and Looking for Support
  461. Chronic Vomiting and Cannabis Use: Seeking Advice
  462. Seeking advice on hEDS diagnosis and symptoms
  463. Looking for Dairy-Free Butter Without Seed Oils
  464. Dealing with Back Pain: Is it EDS?
  465. Struggling with Emotional Numbness
  466. Ways to regulate periods with PCOS without birth control?
  467. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  468. Considering a hysterectomy for Endo treatment
  469. Feeling Anxious for No Reason
  470. Trouble Remembering Medication
  471. Dealing with Social Anxiety in Public Places
  472. Struggling with Daily Brushing Habits
  473. Prozac for OCD and Depression: Does it Work?
  474. Dealing with OCD: Anyone else?