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Does anyone have any advice on how to find an actually helpful general practice doc? Like to help manage and coordinate all your other doctors and care?

    • RyeRyeBread


      Most of it is trial and error, unfortunately 😕 But there are some things you could do to decrease the amount of doctors you have to sift through: I'm currently still needing a good primary and have yet to try this method out - but some good advice I've seen is to treat the initial doctor appointment as an interview. After all, these doctors will be working in your best interest, that is their job, so you should be "interviewing" them in a sense; weeding out the incompatible candidates. So, preparing a short list of questions to ask them (like their knowledge or experience treating patients with your condition, what do they know of your conditions, what their views on a treatment or therapy are [like medicinal marijuana, controversial therapies, etc], for ex) can really help. If you get any "red flag" answers, then you don't need to waste any more time with them. Another thing which is kind of simple and may be obvious, is to search for doctors based on your conditions. So like, if their website or google reviews mention them, that's relatively a good sign. Ultimately, best thing to do is to go off the vibes you get and listen to your gut. To find a doctor, I usually base my searches off of my conditions, good reviews, and what hospitals/medical groups they may be associated with that I like (I really like the capital health patient portal, for example, so if I can find good doctors in that network, thats goals lol).

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