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hi everyone, iv just turned 46 and really struggling with my health, I guess I ignore it so I fit in work, my kids (health issues too), life and am starting to really worry about getting worse. I'm after advice I guess or supplements I could be taking. I currently take pills to help me sleep, for pain and digestion. Thankyou for reading

    • KitKat1450


      Hey I definitely can give you some ideas or what to look into based on what I know or have tried. Supplements are my go to since it’s hard to get meds that don’t have bad side effects. I’ve been diagnosed with some of the same issues as you so I’d love to help save you the hassle and trial and error of trying to figure it out alone. -My question is the generalized pain and fibro pain more joint or nerve related in your case or both? (Different supplements more or less effective depending on that). -Also what are you currently taking- meds, supplements, over the counter? -And do you know if any of those that you don’t do well with and/or what you don’t tolerate? Answering the questions will give me more direction of what could be helpful for you specifically so I’m not throwing a whole bunch of stuff at you. I’m about to fall asleep so just reply to this message so I can get back to it easily and shoot you some info.

    • faerywyrm


      I've been there. Keep moving, but try not to overdo. That's the best way to slow the progression of chronic pain(especially fibromyalgia) and, unfortunately, the hardest. I still struggle with it myself. Know that we're here for you.

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