Woke up today, feeling tired as normal. Started going about my day, trying to access how to go about my day, take it slower, or get things done, and I slowly started having dizzy spells. At first, they were short, and not too bad, but they kept growing, both in length and intensity. I checked my blood sugar, one of the many things that triggers my vertigo, and it was fine. I ate and took my vertigo meds. I did some research, and I firmly believe that it was caused by a big drop in the barometric pressure. While researching that, I stumbled upon information on Meniere's disease. I am going to bring it up with my Doctor, but would love to compare notes with someone who has been diagnosed.



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  • Maryn123


    Hi, I also thought I had Meniere's disease and even went to consult the doctor. It turns out that it's not only related to vertigo, it's also related to hearing problems, severe tinnitus, restriction of salt intake, and more. I suggest you research a little more on the subject, but it never hurts to ask the doctor to start the test - in the worst case, you just checked and it's not the diagnosis.

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