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has anyone used psychedelics as treatment for depression? what was your experience?

    • lonelyDD


      How is it done? I want to try, but I cant find a clinic that does it within 100 miles of me

    • catsRcute


      So I actually have sort of a unique experience with this, in which I couldn't find any way to legally obtain a psychoactive therapy like LSD in conjunction with talk therapy, but I was already in talk therapy at the time, so I decided to just try and do it on my own since I'm pretty smart and I've got a fascination with psychedelics and how they work. So I dedicated a lot of time to learning all there is to know about LSD and its analogs, and after that, I figured this could actually be well worth it. And the only bummer of this is that it would for sure have to work, because it would have to replace both my antidepressant, and my mood stabilizer, because they interact in the same places in the brain as LSD, and the particular ones I was taking, actually lowered the seizure threshold, and LSD does the same thing (not in an additive way with itself though, like no one has ever died from an LSD overdose due to seizure or anything of that nature) but taking LSD with the antidepressant and the mood stabilizer would be a problem. But I had faith it would work. So I obtained the LSD, dosed it properly after I tested it to be sure it was safe to take, and had a really enlightening experience that made me extremely happy for multiple days, like I was euphoric for 2 days, it felt like I was constantly aware that I was alive and I was so happy about it. Now, from this point on, I made the mistake of not spreading out my experiences enough and so I burned out too soon and eventually decided to switch back to conventional medication and that's where I'm at right now. I think they should be spread out by about a month or so. I spread mine out by a week. That was a foolish mistake in hindsight that I had the knowledge to avoid that I kind of just didn't want to because I wanted to be that extremely happy as much as possible, but you don't need to be. It's about learning from each experience and taking that with you so you can grow each time.

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