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hello to whomever may be reading this. I am a 52-year-old male who, in the last 4 years, has gone downhill pretty fast health-wise. I've been in therapy and discovered medications that have helped me become a better person for myself, but that led to my separating from my wife. Long, long story there. lol I'm a musician and artist. I love reading books and thinking about stories. I might never get to write about. professionally, I am a user experience designer but have recently become more of a manager and director which I'm starting to like even though it is sometimes anxiety-ridden since I'm quite a bit introverted. anyway, I'm working through a lot of things and wondered if anyone out of there. just wanted to chat about them but also, and equally important, chat about things that have nothing to do with them just to get a break. 🙂 hopefully talk to you soon!

    • Brick1148


      I would love to chat with you about anything. I'm a retired old man (74) former scientist, university prof, veteran (and) more!). I love art and music but can do neither, only appreciate and admire. In my old age I'm lonely and withdrawn wondering what happened to all of that motivation and sense that I could do anything. My wife is a stroke invalid I still take care of but she can no longer speak, read or write. So yes, I would welcome a friend and someone with whom I can talk.

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