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MTHFR studies are still in their I'm here to pop in with random MTHFR facts that the science is solid on. MTHFR fact #1: DID YOU KNOW....Years ago, the United States standardized the fortification of certain food items with folic acid, which is basically just one type of folate. Specifically, it's a type of folate MTHFR doesn't get along with. At its core, that's the problem with MTHFR. Folate is the building block your body needs to use the nutrients from food and convert them to the chemicals you need in the body. It also plays a crucial role in the body's detoxification process.

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      Hi! I just rediscovered results from a genetic test I took back in 2014 that found me Positive for one copy of the C677T Mutation and one copy of the Al298C Mutation. Compound heterozygous for the mutations, C677T and Al298C in the MTHFR gene. I am being treated for idiopathic hypersomnia, anxiety, adhd, depression, brain fog, all which seem to be related to these variants. An oncologist put me on folic acid a couple of months ago and I believe it’s sent me into serotonin syndrome and panic when combined with Effexor.. none of my doctors are being helpful. I would love any advice you are able to share in how to find appropriate medical care. I live in Brooklyn and go to NYU hospital and Bellevue Hospital. Both genetics depts don’t have apts until next year.

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