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Hypersensitivity- Im blessed/plagued with a heightened awareness of changes in my body, to the point of distraction( oh yeah, did I mention the ADD, it didnt have a name in the 70’s snd 80’s. As a child I was ridiculed for being sensitive, I cried easily, laughed easily, hurt easily, was always afraid of conflicts and fights for that reason, afraid of everything, yet I had FOMO( fear of missing out). With that, I was still a pretty active child. As an adult, in my 60’s now, im in good ( appearing) physical shape, but still afraid of everything. Im developing what appear to be some essential tremors, exacerbated by good excitement, bad excitement, exertion and anxiety. Its primarily relegated to my left side, same side as the inner ear that has brought on two recent debilitating bouts of vertigo. The specialists are saying it an actual nerve issue as opposed to the crystals needing reset( never knew we had those). All that being said, I think I suffer a form of PTSD. I can calm some of the tremors, simply by focusing on them, I think Im going to seek out a “shrink”specializing in whatever this is.. ok done for now.. you tired of reading yet?

    • Tomato


      I’m not tired at all, what you wrote is very interesting! Do you get any meds for your tremor?

      • GGDDAAEE


        @Tomato Thank you for your response, no I have not tried anything for my tremor yet, I’ve even considered ketamine therapy, but I want to look a little deeper into it. It seems like if I have a few beers the tremor almost goes away.

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