Alright fam. Quetiapine. Anyone have an experience like this?
My dr prescribed it to me to take twice a day. However, even sitting on my night stand, and even having an alarm set, I just can’t remember to take it at night. So I take it every morning with my regular meds at 10:30.
The thing is, it was prescribed for two reasons… help stabilize my mood better, and help me sleep.
Idk about helping with my mood. My anxiety is still bad. But I can’t tell if it’s the quetiapine or something else that’s making me fall asleep every single day. I take my meds at 10:30Am, and I’m fine until about 1:30-2:30Pm. And then I pass out. If it’s the quetiapine, then it’s not doing an effective job anyway because it takes HOURS to cause it. If it’s not, then I need to figure out what it IS because it’s effecting everything in my normal life. Anyone have any experience like this? Idk what to do


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  • Sav7242


    My doctor prescribed it for me during the day and I had to stop because I was so sleepy all day. I would be napping throughout the day. But now I only take 100mg at night for sleep and I now take busporine during the day. Yeah it can make you sleepy in my experience

  • Aeshe


    I take it in the morning and the night as well and tbh I don't feel it make me go to sleep, like yea I guess I'm slightly tired after taking it. But it's already late. Im on Xr 50mg in the morning and Non-Xr 100mg at night.

    • Aeshe


      When i was on Non-xr in the morning though i was tired all day. Just update lmao

  • georgielane


    I take it for sleep and how long it takes to kick in usually depends on how much ive eaten before, but it sometimes can take up to 2.5 hours before i get very sleepy. It’s a very difficult drug to take during the day as the sleepiness was debilitating for me for almost 2 years and i could barely get up after. like you said, i had no memory of going to sleep, i was even eating in my sleep. quetiapine was and still does have a huge impact on my life, and had i advocated for myself and realized it earlier, i wouldve stopped months in instead of constantly sleeping past alarms and stuff during the past 2.5 yrs.

  • SalineTurnip


    I'm not on this but my meds do make me sleepy. They're prescribed twice a day but I take both pills at night with an okay from my doctor. So if you feel it's the meds causing your daytime sleepiness, maybe talk to your doctor about taking them both at night.

  • wolfieee


    It is some of a "delayed switch" kinda medicine. So, punctuality is a big factor when it comes to this medicine. Its more of a mood stabilizer so, best thing is to share these concerns with your doctor so, they can substitute as its clearly impacting your day to day life.

  • Thundergal


    Interesting that you take twice a day. I personally take once daily at bedtime even with high dose

  • Barbiegrl


    No it’s definitely the seroquel. You said twice a day, did your doctor tell you to take it in the morning ??

    • RyanneAlikay


      the writ is one capsule twice daily. I mentioned it to my doctor last time we visited and they just upped one of my other meds

  • AlyssaNicole89


    Quietiqpine is used for many different things and has a very large dosage scale. I’ve been out on 50 mg at night to sleep at one point in my life and then in another I was on 250mg during the day. It depends on what you are being prescribed it for. If you’re needing it for anxiety and to help you sleep it’s pretty obvious you need to take it at bedtime, especially since you’re so tired during the day. I got the weekly pill organizers to help me although I still miss days because shit is just hard to remember every night! Unfortunately if you need something to help you sleep, you’re going to need to take it at bedtime. If your anxiety is messing with your sleep then I would suggest getting on a daily anti anxiety like lexapro, Paxil… etc and go from there. Those you can take in the morning although they’re still better at night because anything for anti anxiety will have fatigue as a side effect you just have to see how much it affects you

  • BeeOy


    i take quetiapine every night about a half an hour before bed, my doctor said it’s better to take it at night as it tends to make people drowsy. personally, it knocks me out completely within an hour. in fact, on nights where i forgot to take it, i toss as turn all night and can’t sleep at all, so i rely on it to sleep at night now, although it was originally prescribed for my mood. it also makes me eat right before i sleep, i swear i never had such cravings before taking it. after taking it, i suddenly get hit with a wave of sleepy and hunger, and have even slept-ate.

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