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HEY I have some questions about DID. I'm trying to learn more about it, but google doesn't have a lot of answers for my very specific questions. Sorry if I get stuff wrong, I don't know all the terminology. -Do headmates (I think that's the word) talk to each other? If yes, how? -Let's say one identity makes a big decision. Would the host or uhh any of the other identities know about it? -Do identities switch at random times, specific times, or both? -Let's say the host has depression, do all of the other identities have depression too? I feel like they would, but I'm not sure. This one's very complicated. Thas it ty

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      This are our experience: 1. We talk to each other! Mostly internally, sometimes through notes on whatever media available atm(ie paper or phone type thing). Sometimes we'll think were just having a thought train going but it's actually a conversation. 2. Not always. But generally big decisions are made in a way that most of us are cool with. Especially if the decision was about safety. 3. Both? Generally there is SOME kind of trigger, positive or negative. Like.. thinking about a headmate can pull them forward enough to make them front, but that doesn't always happen. And there's external triggers, smells are a big trigger for us. 4. This is a no actually. Some headmates are relief from depression. If you think about how dangerous untreated depression can get, it makes sense. The body needs to be kept safe, therefore a headmate can experience extreme sadness from an event(past or present), but not "have" depression. It's.. hard to explain that. We have what we call symptom holders. So, ie we have headmates that tends to have more anxiety related habits than others. Hope these answers make sense! And remember that every system is unique, these answers won't be universal. 😄

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