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I’ve had was I thought was hand eczema for the last number two of years. It was a chronic condition that never went away. This year i did an elimination diet and discovered that is was a dairy allergy causing the issue. If I eat any dairy including butter, my hand eczema will take three weeks for it to fully heal. As long as I consume zero dairy, my hand and other issue are completely clear. Another issue which I believe to be related was heart palpitations or arrhythmia. My heart would race or slow down. But this has gone away with the change in diet. I’ve also started taking electrolytes which I think has also helped. Wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar.

    • SalineTurnip


      Back in 2011, I had some ice cream and my eczema went crazy. I also broke out in hives all over. I thought it was poison ivy or something. A dietician told me to try eliminating dairy because it was bad for eczema anyway. I did and that was the problem. When I have something cross contaminated now, I can always tell because I get a rash and eczema patches. Where it happens varies but it's usually not on my feet or hands. Just everywhere else. Also I discovered recently that I had been unknowingly consuming dairy on a fairly regular basis, and my eczema was really bad. I couldn't figure out why until I looked at the ingredients of the coffee I was ordering. (I ordered it with oat or almond milk but it still had dairy ingredients. 🥲)

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